Uniting Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurship is a contact sport. But this expert has some tips for aspiring business owners.
Victoria Lennox | Startup Canada

Victoria Lennox is the co-founder of Startup Canada, an organization established in 2012 to provide support to entrepreneurs in Canada and beyond. Their goal is to create an environment and culture for entrepreneurs to succeed. The organization uses grassroots startup communities to connect mentors, investors, service providers and other entrepreneurs. Longitudes caught up with Victoria […]

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Podcast: Network of the Future, Part III

Here’s how companies of all sizes could benefit from thinking like a startup.

What does it really mean to think like a startup? Rimas Kapeskas tackles that question in the third episode of Longitudes Radio’s Network of the Future series. Rimas manages the UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund, a corporate venture capital group always on the lookout for the next big idea. Rimas is a firm believer in the […]

IoT in Manufacturing: Voices From the Field

How the Internet of Things is changing the way manufacturers work.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a transformative movement in technology, particularly in manufacturing. IoT in manufacturing applies the concept of connected devices to power smart manufacturing. To find out how IoT is affecting manufacturing organizations, we interviewed several industry leaders who see how IoT is changing their operations – and how they are preparing […]

Making Work More Human

Can an automated world help us rediscover what it means to be human?
David Lee | UPS

It’s near certain that some, if not all, of your work will be done by a robot or software in the next few years. David Lee believes that if humans don’t take an active role in responding to this change, we’re almost certain to be living a future that is robotic, largely unemployed and … […]

Globalization Is Alive and Kicking

We are still moving toward – and not away from – a truly global economy.
Peter Holmes | University of Sussex

Michael Gasiorek | University of Sussex

It’s commonplace to emphasize that we are now in a new era of globalization, marked by the rise in the importance of emerging economies. But what does this really mean? Richard Baldwin, author of The Great Convergence, argues that what is new is the combination of northern technology and southern labor. But he adds that […]

Building Up Your Cyber Defenses

Are you equipped to handle unprecedented cyberattacks? Here’s how to assess your readiness.
Dave Zamsky | UPS

Cybersecurity breaches and cybercrime create some of the most pervasive problems in our digital age, and recent headlines remind us that even the largest, most secure organizations can become victims. The Equifax data breach prompted millions of Americans to think more seriously about cybersecurity, assess their vulnerability and question how to protect their finances – […]

4 Innovations to Build Thriving Cities

We can create a core framework for innovative solutions to complex urban problems.
Alice Charles | World Economic Forum

Economic, social and creative opportunities draw people to cities in this increasingly urban world. Today, 54 percent of the global population lives in cities and with another 3 million people per week moving to urban centers, the U.N. estimates two-thirds of the global population will live in cities by 2050. This trend is particularly evident in Africa […]

Healing Art

A life without art is a life without awe, which is no life at all.

To Jennifer Allison, art isn’t just a hobby or career. It really isn’t even a choice. To her, art is like air: She needs it to survive. Jennifer has sensory processing disorder. That means sounds, textures and visual details are over-amplified, with equal levels of intensity. This disorder used to make her feel out of […]

Podcast: Network of the Future, Part II

Rather than improving an isolated step in the supply chain, analytics will upgrade the entire transportation system.
Jack Levis | UPS

Some companies are good at using data to tell them what’s already happened. Others tap into data to predict what might happen next. But what if you could harness data for true clairvoyance – the ability to act on a problem before it even exists? Jack Levis was part of the team that designed ORION, […]

For Better Brainstorming, Tell an Embarrassing Story

Candor leads to greater creativity. Take a stab at self-deprecation.
Leigh Thompson | Northwestern University

It was Alex Osborn, a 1960s advertising executive, who coined the term brainstorming. He passionately believed in the ability of teams to generate brilliant ideas, provided they follow four rules: Members should share any idea that comes to mind. Build on the ideas of others. Avoid criticism. And most notably, strive for quantity not quality. Subsequent scientific […]

Shining a Light on Human Trafficking

How a truck driver learned to see and save people on America's highways.
John McKown | UPS

As a small-town police officer, John McKown dealt with his share of prostitution cases. But after he left the force and became a truck driver, he faced prostitution in a new light – at truck stops. In his TED@UPS talk, John describes how he encountered a young, tattered-looking girl forced to work as a prostitute at the truck […]

Eyes in the Sky for Disaster Assessment

Drones and other visual intelligence can dramatically bolster recovery efforts following natural disasters.
Bev Adams | Guy Carpenter

Duncan Ellis | Marsh

In the wake of flood, surge and wind damage from Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, access to numerous residential, commercial and industrial properties was limited for days, even weeks. Learn more about UPS’s efforts to help Puerto Rico recover from Hurricane Maria. Many property owners struggled to safely assess the physical and economic losses. Such access […]

Podcast: Network of the Future, Part I

Artificial intelligence is changing the face – and voice – of business. But how will AI disrupt the movement of goods around the world?
Derek Banta | UPS

Katie Duffy | UPS

By 2020, we’ll have more conversations with bots than our own spouses. With the growth of artificial intelligence, the line between human and machine is getting so blurry you might not even know you’re talking to a bot. Sounds scary, right? Well, putting aside pop culture fears, this is where the world is heading. And […]

Introducing Longitudes Radio

Brian Hughes | UPS Longitudes

James Rowe | UPS Longitudes

What will the future look like and how could it affect your life? Hosts Brian Hughes and James Rowe have a pretty good idea, or at least they know the industry leaders and innovators who have a clearer picture. In this kickoff episode, they will discuss the big ideas coming to Longitudes Radio. Subscribe so […]

How Collectivism Can Benefit Capitalism

Refugees can teach us all something about the power of community.

Christine Thach grew up in a refugee community after her mother resettled from Cambodia to the United States. That experience opened her eyes to the power of shared value – the benefits created when a community bands together to support each other and pool resources to overcome obstacles. To outsiders, these communities of refugees can appear insular and […]

What’s Your Rocket Fuel?

Motivation and purpose come in many different forms. Here are some ways to identify your calling.
Amy Bunszel | Autodesk

What propels you from your bed each morning and into the office? What motivates you to work late to complete a task? What energizes you at work? In short, what’s your rocket fuel? I am fascinated by what motivates people, especially engineers. This is more than a casual curiosity. As a leader, it is my […]

Rural Is the New Urban

Do you really need to live in the city?
Julio Gil | UPS

Centuries ago, the Industrial Revolution sent people flocking to the world’s cities in search of jobs, culture and connectivity – and the trend has only mushroomed. By 2050, up to three-fourths of the global population will live in cities. And with this density comes many problems, including congestion, poor air quality and a lack of […]

The Industrial IoT Must Transform

Here's how companies can better take advantage of the IIoT.
Nigel Upton | HPE

The Industrial IoT (IIoT) can be seen as a way to optimize existing processes and business models, for instance by achieving higher degrees of automation or by avoiding outages with the help of predictive maintenance. However, IIoT can and must be more. We have seen how new digital business models have disrupted industries like media, […]

The Next Energy Revolution Is Already Here

We will soon be both energy consumers and energy producers.
Gao Jifan | China Photovoltaic Industry Association

Looking back at the history of human civilization, for a long time, firewood was the primary source of energy. However, back then, energy ultilization was low and as such, air pollution emissions were also low. The invention of the steam engine in the 18th century marked the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, which led to […]

Leaders: Are You Future-Proof?

Here are five leadership literacies for current and future leaders to take their own leap into the future.
Bob Johansen | IFTF

We think we are connected today, but the next 10 years will be a period of explosive connectivity and asymmetric upheaval. In this future world of dramatically amplified digital connectivity, anything that can be distributed will be distributed. Most leaders – and most organizations – aren’t ready for this future. Bob Johansen discusses his new book, The […]

The Hidden Message in Multiplication

As kids, we're asked to solve math problems. But can basic math solve our grown-up problems?
Uma Adwani | UPS

Uma Adwani grew up in a small town in India that discouraged girls from pursuing higher education. But that didn’t stop Uma from pursuing her dreams. Uma moved to a completely unknown city to become a primary school teacher. The problem? She would be teaching her most hated subject: math. As Uma prepared her lesson […]

This Is What an AI-Powered Future Looks Like

A society reliant on artificial intelligence will have a dramatic impact on the design of cars, houses, products and services.
Grayson Brulte | Brulte & Company

Today we are just beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible with artificial intelligence (AI) and how individuals will interact with its various forms. Every single aspect of our society — from cars to houses to products to services — will be re-imagined and redesigned to incorporate AI. A child born in the […]

Colombia’s Cinderella Story

How the Andean nation turned around its economy to become a regional leader.

During the past decade, Colombia has experienced an economic and cultural renaissance following years of instability and lackluster economic growth. Colombia now boasts Latin America’s third largest economy and has seen unprecedented levels of foreign trade. This turnaround has not gone unnoticed by the country’s neighbors, who see Colombia as a fierce competitor. However, it […]

We All Need to Forget, Even Robots

How do we decide what a robot should remember?
Christopher Stanton | Western Sydney University

We all know what it’s like to forget something. A loved one’s birthday. A childhood memory. Even people capable of extraordinary memory feats – say, memorizing the order of a deck of cards in less than 20 seconds – will still forget where they left their keys. People, it seems, are never in complete control […]

Breakthrough Approaches for Sustainable Cities

The long-term health of cities matters – we must work together for a lasting future for our urban centers.
Mark Wallace | UPS

More and more of the world’s population is moving to cities. According to the UN, by 2050 nearly two-thirds of the global population will live in cities, and urban populations will increase by 2 billion people. While this mass migration will bring new, exciting opportunities for city residents, it also brings daunting challenges to urban […]

Why We Need to Pay Attention to Chinese Millennials

Does your company have a talent gap? Chinese millennials could be the answer.

Sebastian Guo says companies aren’t looking far enough for millennial talent – more specifically, far enough east. Chinese millennials, Guo argues, are going overlooked at a time when businesses need an infusion of specialized skills. Guo’s Chinese counterparts are well-poised and ready to take on today’s most vexing business challenges. Sebastian takes the stage at TED@UPS to […]

Innovation for Last-Mile Connectivity

Billions of people lack access to the internet or even basic mobile networks. How can we connect the unconnected?
Troy Etulain | FHI 360

Connectivity transforms lives. Access to a mobile network, including the internet or a mobile phone, opens the door to information, and information enables people to discover their full potential. Without connectivity, people are in the dark, closed off from opportunity. Yet, more than 4 billion people remain unconnected to the internet, and 20 to 40 […]

Delivering on the Dream of Diversity

We cannot reap the benefits of a diverse workforce without doing everything in our power to ensure all people have the opportunity to reach their potential.
David Abney | UPS

Hispanic Heritage Month is Sept. 15 through Oct. 15. Join us in celebrating the generations of Hispanics enriching the world of today and tomorrow. These days, hot-button issues, hot tempers and heated debates seem to rule the day. It’s because we live in a divided nation that’s becoming even more divided. Over the years, we’ve […]

The Staggering Numbers Behind the World’s Closest Trade Relationship

You might be surprised by how much the United States buys from Canada – and vice versa.
Jeff Desjardins | Visual Capitalist

Whether we’re discussing the ancient merchants that traversed the legendary Silk Road or the transfer of goods across modern border lines, trade has always been about building close relationships. There are many examples of strong and mutually beneficial trade relationships all throughout history, but one doesn’t have to look far back to find what could […]

Can We Design Cities for Happiness?

Quality of life depends on how much we engage in it.

Tom Madrecki understands the importance of shifting our focus from building codes and road engineering guidelines to figuring out what people want in their city. For city planners concerned about quality of life, the link between well-being and engagement is paramount. If we want to make our community a better place to live, we need the […]