Brexit Jigsaw puzzle displaying european map missing Great Britain

How to Prepare for a Brexit-Size Disruption

Don't let your company be caught off guard.
Yossi Sheffi | MIT

The repercussions of Brexit, Britain’s momentous decision to exit the European Union, will reverberate across the globe for some time. But one striking conclusion from the many analyses of the June vote is that companies were not prepared for this game-changing event. “Businesses were largely taken by surprise by [the] vote to leave the EU […]


Experience vs. Vision: Finding Retail’s Sweet Spot

A retailer’s three-step process to better managing fulfillment

The term “legacy company” may call to mind an institution with a proud tradition, grounded and established, with experience burnished over time. Or, it could conjure the image of a stodgy, slow-moving enterprise, too steeped in its old practices to meet new and rapidly changing consumer demands.  That’s not a company primed to compete with […]


Reaching New Heights With Frugal Innovation

Doing more with less can re-ignite the creative spirit at your company, give your business a competitive edge – and better the world around you.
Navi Radjou | Innovation Advisor

I grew up in Southern India in a small town in a tiny house next to an urban slum. It was incredibly dry. We all had a keen sensitivity and appreciation of scarce resources. When it was time to shower, we used only one bucket of water. Many of my friends lived in abject poverty. […]


Putting a Price Tag on Pollution

Premature death due to air pollution is growing at an alarming rate. What are we willing to pay to snuff out the problem?
Simon Upton | OECD

Air pollution takes years off people’s lives. It causes substantial pain and suffering, among adults and children alike.  And it damages food production, at a time when we need to feed more people than ever. This is not just an economic issue; it is a moral one. Air pollution can be produced both outdoors and […]


Investing in Resilience

Disasters caused by climate change hit hardest in vulnerable communities around the world. How can we help those on the front lines?
Mark Malloch Brown | Business and Sustainable Development Commission

Vulnerable communities face the brunt of climate change – from rising sea levels and extreme weather events to prolonged severe droughts and flooding. According to the World Bank, without effective mitigation measures, climate change could push more than 100 million people into poverty by 2030. To help the most vulnerable communities become more resilient to […]

Man holding Christmas presents laid on a wooden table background

Ensuring Global E-commerce Success During the Holidays

What can companies do to win the global e-commerce race?

U.S. retailers gearing up for the holidays could be overlooking a key source of sales: international shoppers. To win in the global e-commerce race, companies can’t rely on the same approach they use domestically.  Featured products, marketing content and promotions targeting U.S. consumers may not resonate in all markets. For example, as U.S. retailers promote […]


Cleaning Floors and Saving Lives, One Robot at a Time

A drone designer and technological transformer on taking risks in robotics.
Helen Greiner | CyPhy Works

When I was little, I was enamored with the idea of being a pioneer; I was drawn to the thought that I could be the first to do something  —  be a trailblazer, the forerunner of a movement. For a while, I wanted to be Laura Ingalls on Little House on the Prairie and live […]


Will the Shipping-Container Home Meet the Masses?

In recent years, converting heavy steel units into homes has surged in popularity.
Kim O’Connell | Line//Shape//Space

A few years ago, architect Sean Burke, LEED AP, was working as a consultant in Seattle’s industrial SoDo District when he had an epiphany. He’d spent part of his days staring out the window at stacks of shipping containers and also thinking about small living spaces. At some point, the lightbulb clicked on, and he […]

Man in business wear renting a bike, Milan, Italy

Tracing Urban Movements with Urban Transport

Bike-sharing data will change the way you see cities around the world.
Rosamond Hutt | Formative Content

Cycling is becoming an increasingly popular means of urban transport, thanks in part to an explosion in bike-sharing schemes in cities around the world. These public bike-hire programs are generating a wealth of GPS tracking data that some city authorities have posted online. And now, researchers in Germany have found a clever use for some […]

balancing globe

Rough Trade: The Global Economy Needs a Jumpstart To Benefit All

Can the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and other new pacts get the flow of goods and business relationships going again?
Andy Meek | The Guardian

The global economy has expanded greatly since the early 1980s, thanks to technology breakthroughs, the opening of markets and trade being more accessible. Today, trade generates $15 trillion annually. Nearly $5 trillion in goods and services flows in and out of the U.S. alone each year. This development has affected people across socioeconomic classes.  Former […]

Group of happy African children - Ethiopia, East Africa

Save Data, Save Lives

A common difference between life and death? Accurate data.
Muhammad Hamid Zaman | Boston University

While much of the world today suffers from information overload, there are still places where information is scarce. And that scarcity sometimes costs people their lives. In the maternity ward of Zanzibar’s largest public-health facility, Mnazi Mmoja Hospital, patient data are listed on a dry-erase board. The information on the board lists the number of women […]

2 young women spectators taking a picture at sports event with a smart phone.

How Texas A&M Designed a Stadium for Millennials

Texas A&M’s IT network architect shares how technology enhances the Aggies fan experience at the stadium

At the library, in the dorms and anywhere on campus, Texas A&M students can post a picture to Snapchat, video chat with their significant others back home or send an email to their teacher. The campus-wide coverage and fast throughput of the school’s Aruba (a Hewlett Packard Enterprise company) wireless network made accessing the Internet […]

Paris, France - October 10, 2015: Bollore Bluecar - small electric cars charging at power kiosks of Autolib' rental cars network in Paris.

Are Cities Ready for Electric Cars?

Electric cars can help the environment, but how will we keep up with their electrical demands?
Gareth Wynn | FTI Consulting

Mark Esposito | Harvard University Extension School

Terence Tse | ESCP Europe Business School

Our research on megatrends has shown that more and more people are living in cities. For instance, roughly half of China’s population lives in cities and the government plans to push that to 70 percent by 2025. This is not only happening in emerging countries; cities in developed economies are also growing. London is a […]

Lets ride

Cycling with Real-Time Data

The Solos Smart Glasses are more than just a fashion statement for the cyclists on the U.S. women's team.
Atlantic Re:think | The Atlantic

To gain an edge at the Summer Games, the cyclists on the U.S. women’s team are turning to the latest in mobile, cloud and wearable technology. Their training for the “team pursuit,” a track cycling event, pits two teams of up to four riders against each other on a four kilometer track. The riders’ goal […]


This 3D-Printing Technology Is All Science, No Fiction

What's the future of 3D printing? That's an easy answer for Continuous Composites. It's epoxy fiber.
Drew Turney | Line//Shape//Space

Imagine 3D printing a car, the wall of a building, an aircraft wing or some similarly complicated structure all in one step — not just the metal, concrete or carbon-fiber shell, either, but with everything like power conduits, plumbing, fuel lines, rubber seals and moving parts intact. Sound like science fiction? Thanks to a revolution […]

Wind develops flag of the Republic of Kazakhstan in bacground Astana

Keeping up with Kazakhstan

Independence, rapid growth and globalization have turned this Central Asian country into a land of innovation. What we can learn.
Diana Tsoy | SQA International

Kazakhstan is a sprawling, landlocked country in Central Asia.  It is the ninth largest country in the world and has significant economic power in the Commonwealth of Independent states, in no small part because of a thriving oil and gas industry. Once part of the Soviet Union, it is bordered by Russia and China, as well […]

Doctor with mask planted viruses on the glass plate

Cracking Zika’s DNA

Scientists are using biotech tools to crack open Zika's genetic code.
Mike Keller | GE Reports

Officials have begun spraying insecticide in a 10-square-mile area north of downtown Miami this week to eradicate Zika-carrying mosquitoes, but researchers still must answer many of the most fundamental questions relating to the virus — and support for their efforts is coming from some unlikely places.  Zika, which can cause birth defects in pregnant women, […]

Brass compass on red map

What the Trans-Pacific Partnership Means for the West

Although conversations about TPP usually focus on Asia, we should also examine its potential impact in the Western Hemisphere.
Eric Farnsworth | AS/COA

Trade is never a popular topic in a presidential election year, but 2016 may prove to be an inflection point. For the first time since the Depression, the presumptive candidates of both major political parties have spoken skeptically about trade, one even suggesting that he would renegotiate existing agreements including NAFTA. [Also on Longitudes: The Urgency […]


The Business Case for Sustainability

Companies like Nespresso are using sustainability in competitive ways. Is yours?
Brian Becker | UPS

Greg Fischer | UPS

Myth: You can’t afford to be sustainable unless you’re a big company. Fact: It’s good business to be sustainable – for companies big and small. We’ve made the case for sustainability all week here on Longitudes, sharing stories of how leaders in government and business are finding innovative ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Now […]

Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso - Jannuary 10th, 2014: Small cell panel in Operndorf Schlingensief in front of pupils, Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso.

Energy for All

Access to cheap, sustainable energy for developing countries is a critical global goal. Which stakeholders are on board?

In the past decade, renewable energy growth has broken records year after year, and 2015 was a remarkable one for developing countries. For the first time in history, according to the United Nations Environmental Program, total investment in renewables exceeded that in developed economies, driven in part by national policies and the improving cost-competitiveness of […]


Facebook in Flight

Meet the solar-powered drone that will help bring the internet to people. That's a friend you'll definitely want to add.
Henry Taylor | World Economic Forum

Facebook has successfully completed a test flight of a solar-powered drone that will beam the internet from the sky. The drone, called Aquila, is a carbon fiber aircraft that weighs about a third of an electric car but has a wingspan bigger than a Boeing 737 airplane. It flies on solar power during the day […]


Narrow Streets, Unlimited Innovation

Could an experiment in one European city become the template for urban delivery?
Frank Horch | City of Hamburg

Home to the second largest port in Europe, Hamburg, Germany has been a transportation center for centuries, serving as a vital link to trade between the continent and the world beyond. Since early times, people have settled by great rivers to engage in trade. Ports are vibrant population centers in every continent. They are often […]

Tom Bihn

From “Nice to Have” to Business Critical

Small businesses are discovering that making sustainability a cost-effective priority is within their reach.
Tom Bihn | TOM BIHN, INC.

When I was a kid, I was a gear geek: I eagerly poured over the catalogs from outdoor equipment companies, dreaming of the adventures I might have with a backpack, tent and sleeping bag. Being 10 years old, I couldn’t afford to buy any of that hi-tech stuff made of nylon and aluminum, so my […]

wind turbines in the Oiz eolic park

These Next-Generation Batteries Could End Energy Poverty

How newly-designed batteries can deliver enough energy to serve rural areas.
Jeff Carbeck | Deloitte Consulting

Solar and wind power capacity have been growing at double-digit rates, but the sun sets, and the wind can be capricious. Although every year wind farms get larger and solar cells get more efficient, thanks to advances in materials such as perovskites, these renewable sources of energy still satisfy less than five percent (<3.7 percent in 2013, […]


Doing Your Part as a Company

What's holding you back from being a good corporate citizen?
Curt Moreno | Line//Shape//Space

The concept that businesses should both self-regulate and benefit their communities goes back to before the 1800s. In America, at the time, states had the right to invalidate a business’s license to operate should the business act irresponsibly. Shortly thereafter, in 1819, the Supreme Court ruling that corporations were legal persons (citizens) protected by the […]


Making Sustainability Go

Welcome to Sustainability Week on Longitudes.
Jenn Garner | UPS

Yes, the climate is changing. Greenhouse gas emissions are on the rise. And cities are becoming more crowded every day, among a litany of other urgent global issues. But this is also a moment of tremendous opportunity. Consumers, businesses and governments are putting their minds together to change how we power our increasingly connected world. […]

Photo Courtesy of Sergey Galyonkin

Blockchain Meets Virtual Reality

Is the future a high-resolution game?
Kathi Vian | Institute for the Future

In 2010, the Institute for the Future’s Ten-Year Forecast suggested that the future is a high-resolution game: “Never before has humanity been able to encounter the future in such detail, to measure the forces of change at such vast scales, and to fill in the details with such fine grain. As we play this game, […]

Animation courtesy of Hyperloop One

Paving the Path to a More Productive Society

The U.S needs to invest $3.3 trillion on new infrastructure to support expected economic growth out to 2030. It's time to get started.
Jan Mischke | McKinsey Global Institute

Bruce Upbin | Hyperloop One

Sixty years ago, the U.S. embarked on one of the greatest public works projects since the Roman Empire: the Interstate Highway System. It was a bonanza of productivity for an American economy emerging with brawn from World War II, at one period yielding an annual return of 54 cents for every dollar spent. But in […]

Farmer or agronomist examine soybean plant in field using tablet

How Education Builds Customer Loyalty

A Maine-based seed producer bet big on customer service as a consultancy. The result? A crop of lifelong customers. Here’s what you can learn from their strategy.
David Mehlhorn | Johnny’s Selected Seeds

Before organic food was cool, there was Johnny’s Selected Seeds.  Founded in 1973 when 22-year-old Rob Johnston, Jr. left home to live on a farm with some friends, Johnny’s has grown into one of the nation’s most successful commercial seed producers. Such growth is a testament to the power of education. At Johnny’s, we don’t […]

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Sending Cancer Packing

How logistics can help make or break product launches.
Kevin Conroy | Exact Sciences

Colorectal cancer is the second leading cause of cancer deaths in the United States. It doesn’t have to be that way. A colonoscopy can detect the disease at an early, treatable stage. But because that traditional test is an invasive procedure, a third of all U.S. adults who should get tested don’t get screened. Exact […]