Here’s What It Takes for Designers and Developers to Truly Collaborate

Merging methods and rituals can be messy, but ultimately, it’s worth it.

Picture this: You’re three weeks deep into a digital product build, under pressure to hit a launch date. You’re in the zone, typing out tasks and churning out features. But in the chaos, you start to lose sight of why these features matter. You pause, push back from your desk and ask the team, “Wait, why […]

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Sustainable Logistics at Sea

To create a greener future, we must get serious about moving goods more efficiently at sea.

In our interconnected world and rapidly changing operating environments, one logistical workhorse has remained a constant: sea freight. Despite drones buzzing in the sky, the construction of Hyperloop tracks and fluctuating air freight prices, our world’s seas remain the most cost effective means of bulk intercontinental transport. The fact is, approximately 90 percent of global trade […]

Empowering Women in the Fourth Industrial Revolution

We must reinvent learning to ensure STEM fields reflect our diverse world.

Is the U.S. workforce ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? Experts predict this workforce movement will create game-changing technologies in automation, computer science, advanced robotics, drones and others that will rapidly change how we live and work. This coming revolution will create STEM jobs that don’t yet exist and new challenges for STEM education. Looking […]

Separating Fact from Fiction About Millennials at Work

Stereotypes can cloud even basic economics and mislead decision makers.

Stereotypes about millennials abound. Read the popular press or reports of employee surveys and you will come away with the view that millennials differ substantially from their older counterparts — and even previous generations of younger workers — in what they value and expect from work. The stereotypes suggest millennials care most about the pursuit […]

How to Have a Eureka Moment

Turns out, there is real science behind "aha moments."

In the ancient world, the Greeks believed that all great insights came from one of nine muses, divine sisters who brought inspiration to mere mortals. In the modern world, few people still believe in the muses, but we all still love to hear stories of sudden inspiration. Like Newton and the apple, we’re eager to […]