Separating Fact from Fiction About Millennials at Work

Stereotypes can cloud even basic economics and mislead decision makers.

Stereotypes about millennials abound. Read the popular press or reports of employee surveys and you will come away with the view that millennials differ substantially from their older counterparts — and even previous generations of younger workers — in what they value and expect from work. The stereotypes suggest millennials care most about the pursuit […]

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How to Have a Eureka Moment

Turns out, there is real science behind "aha moments."

In the ancient world, the Greeks believed that all great insights came from one of nine muses, divine sisters who brought inspiration to mere mortals. In the modern world, few people still believe in the muses, but we all still love to hear stories of sudden inspiration. Like Newton and the apple, we’re eager to […]

Bringing Home the Gold

Smart reuse of Olympics infrastructure could launch a sweeping urban revival.

The Olympics have left a mixed legacy when it comes to the impact felt on host cities in the aftermath of the event. The inaugural modern Games were held in Athens in 1896, and since then, few host cities have managed to reuse game infrastructure well. The Beijing National Stadium, built for the 2008 Summer Olympics, has struggled to […]

Helping Love Bloom

Learn how Cupid is powering the Global Smart Logistics Network.

We might be in a digital age, but, when it comes to the year’s sweetest holiday, an emoji-filled text just won’t do. That’s why UPS geared up its global logistics of love network this year to deliver an estimated 89 million flowers for Valentine’s Day. UPS will deliver 1 million more flowers than in 2018, meaning […]

Complexity Made Simple

What can we learn from insect coordination?

How do termites build towering cathedrals out of mud without referring to a set of blueprints? How do ants, without a leader telling them what to do, know how to assemble themselves by the thousands into living rafts to move across a fast-flowing stream? After all, the brains of ants are smaller than the “quarter […]