A Candy Entrepreneur’s Sweetest Marketing Advice

Marketing in the B2B space presents distinct challenges. But these 4 strategies could take your business to the next level.

Torie Burke, CEO of Torie & Howard, founded her business in 2010 (launched in 2012) with her business partner, Howard Slatkin. The company sells USDA-certified organic candies via distributors and retailers, with a small portion of sales going directly to consumers via the company’s e-commerce site. Their ultimate goal? To clean up the candy aisle by […]

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Smart Logistics and Inventory Innovations

Medical device manufacturers win big when supply chain management and cloud-based technologies synchronize field stock.

Changing demographics, new product innovations, downward pressure on reimbursement and growing regulatory demands are driving changes in supply chain management in the medical device industry. At the same time, one of the biggest logistics challenges for manufacturers is excess inventory — including implantables, cardiac pacemakers, insulin pumps, advanced surgical kits and more — which can […]

The New Face of Global Manufacturing

Local micro-factories democratize innovation, making production more readily available to all entrepreneurs, inventors and makers.

The production of goods has evolved significantly over the past few decades. Today, large factories in low-cost regions, primarily in Asia but also increasingly in Eastern Europe and South America, build many products. This has largely been good for consumers. Products manufactured overseas have powered our cars, connected our networks and furnished our lives. Lower […]

The Generational Currents Reshaping Industrial Buying

Millennials are rising fast in the purchasing profession and shaking things up as they assume greater influence inside their companies.

The men and women purchasing supplies these days for U.S. manufacturers, healthcare companies and other industrial businesses don’t look or act like their counterparts did just a few years ago. Millennials — members of the demographic cohort born between 1981 and 1996 — now constitute the largest single age group among industrial buyers in the […]

Does Your Company Live Up to Why It Exists?

Talking the talk is not enough. You have to walk the walk.

Today, “purpose” is discussed ad nauseam by people around the business world. The zeitgeist around purpose-oriented companies risks being counterproductive, as too many companies become satisfied with declaring and publicizing their purpose rather than the more important work of living up to it. While discussing purpose is a positive step beyond just talking about profit […]