How Does a Computer Know Where You’re Looking?

In the future, when nobody’s looking, your vehicle will see it all.
Ann McNamara | Texas A&M University

Imagine driving a car, using a heads-up display projection on the windshield to navigate through an unfamiliar city. This is augmented reality (AR); the information is used to not only guide you along a route, but also to alert you to salient information in your surroundings, such as cyclists or pedestrians. The correct placement of […]


The Giving (WiFi) Tree

How do you tackle air pollution in cities? With WiFi-emitting birdhouses, of course.
Rachel Hallett | Formative Content

It may be one of the world’s most bike-friendly cities, but Amsterdam could do more to improve its air quality, according to a report that grades efforts by European cities to cut transport emissions. The study gave Amsterdam a D+ rating last year. This was partly because, unlike other European cities, the Dutch capital has […]


Retail’s Virtual Reality Check

Connecting with customers in the physical and virtual worlds requires tools your mom-and-pop shop never imagined.
Paul Butcher | Intel

At its root, connected retail is about one thing: Creating amazing and friction-less customer experiences.  That’s where Intel technology-based unified commerce solutions come into the picture, connecting with customers every time, everywhere and in every way they choose to engage. Getting there is not without its challenges. It means providing a seamless flow among multiple […]


What is Next for Refugees Seeking Asylum in Europe?

Activists, volunteer groups and corporations are helping refugees settle into their new environments, but it’s not easy.
Jill Hilbrenner | The Guardian

“They didn’t go out in public at all,” says Joung-ah Ghedini-Williams, an emergency response coordinator for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR), recalling a Syrian couple she met in Berlin in February. The young parents of three children – a 4 year old and infant twins – had tried to wait out the bloody […]


The Social Media Game is Changing for Retailers and Everyone Else

Social media is changing the way companies advertise in a bid to win the internet retail game.
Bala Ganesh | UPS

The raging battle for Internet supremacy — to keep eyeballs and content in one place — is changing the way social media and advertising are implemented in every industry.  And retail is no exception. Historically, the aspiration for content publishers has been to achieve a “walled garden” with a controlled environment offering a wide variety […]

Preparing for vaccination

The Vaccine Fridge That Could Save Lives

Reviving Einstein's ideas could save millions of lives.
Alex Gray | Formative Content

Transporting vaccines to every corner of the globe is one of the key health priorities of our time, but every year thousands of life-saving medicines are lost through inadequate storage. This may no longer be the case, thanks to the inventiveness of a 22-year-old graduate from the United Kingdom.  Will Broadway’s invention is made even more […]


The Secrets of the Most Community-Minded U.S. Companies

Communities facing hardship need your money. But they also need your skills.
Tracy Hoover | Points of Light

Chances are that when you receive a package from UPS you don’t give a second thought to the complex logistics underway to deliver nearly 20 million packages a day. That’s because world class logistics is their expertise and core to their business strategy. But also core to UPS’ business strategy is a dedication to using […]


TED@UPS Video Intro: John Bidden

John Bidden believes that music is a tool for the soul. That it can either “fix, build, calm, break, or change you for a moment.” He wields the instrument to inspire others.

I am an independent recording artist based out of the great city of Detroit, the music capital of the world! Watch John share his excitement about the upcoming TED@UPS live stream event. I’m so excited to be a part of this TED event. Music is my passion and hobby. Music can travel so far – […]


TED@UPS Video Intro: Amelia Laytham

How a teenage immigrant reclaimed her shunned identity through dance.

My Ted Talk is a combination of a talk and a performance. My talk portion is me sharing my personal journey as a first-generation immigrant coming to this country and rediscovering who I am as an adult as a proud Indonesian immigrant, through my love of performing traditional dances. Watch Amelia talk about her TED@UPS […]


TED@UPS Video Intro: Kate Adams

Kate Adams, who worked on soaps for eight years, maps the ways that daytime dramas are an unlikely (but compelling) oracle to help us overcome our own everyday dramas.

I’ve wanted to be a storyteller for as long as I can remember. Growing up, that meant writing poems, short stories, or even screenplays for my Barbies. And it also meant hours spent at the foot of my bed, performing the score of Les Miserables for my stuffed animals. They dug it, of course. Hear […]


TED@UPS Video Intro: Jan Denecker

What lessons does the developing world hold about building healthcare that is simpler and longer-lasting?

I grew up in Belgium and I now live close to Brussels, Belgium, together with my wonderful wife and two great teenage kids. I am passionate about sports – in particular, football, which some of you may prefer to call soccer. Watch Jan talk about his TED@UPS experience. I’m also passionate about healthcare. I started […]


TED@UPS Video Intro: Katie Francfort

Could mosquitos be the ultimate last-mile delivery system, carrying a vaccine instead of a disease? Katie Francfort argues that this deadly insect could be the next evolution of drones.

I’m on the healthcare strategy team at UPS. I really enjoy fitness, especially barre and kickboxing, which is slightly offset by my love for trying new restaurants. I like being outside and anywhere where there’s live music. Watch Katie talk about her TED@UPS experience. In my talk, I will propose a new way of thinking. […]


TED@UPS Video Intro: Romaine Seguin

Of all the strategies to fight poverty, discrimination and even terrorism, Romaine Seguin argues that international trade is the most impactful.

I love running. I’ve run the Boston Marathon and New York Marathon. Running lets me think personally and professionally. I get my best thoughts when I run. Watch Romaine talk about her TED@UPS experience. And some of the things I think about while I’m out running is how we can make the world a better […]


TED@UPS Video Intro: Mario Paluzzi

How could addressing the unaddressable help developing countries leapfrog developed nations into the most effective logistics system yet?

The best way to describe me is I’m a very curious person. All of my hobbies and passions revolve around this curiosity I have. I’m Curious George – the human. Watch Mario talk about his TED@UPS experience. I love meeting new people, trying new foods, making new friends, seeing new places and anything that can […]


From Epiphany to Action

Fifteen years ago, in the wake of 9/11, former marketing executive Janine Maxwell had an epiphany that she couldn’t ignore. Will her story inspire you to pursue your own calling?
Janine Maxwell | Heart for Africa

“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela An epiphany is a sudden, striking realization. To me, it is also a call to action. In a moment, I’ll tell you how an epiphany led me to leave my comfortable home in Canada to become an activist and mother of 138 children in Africa. […]

Comparison between mechanical grip and human hand

Part Animal, Part Machine

Scientists are now building robots powered by living muscle tissue or cells.
Victoria Webster | Case Western Reserve University

Think of a traditional robot and you probably imagine something made from metal and plastic. Such “nuts-and-bolts” robots are made of hard materials. As robots take on more roles beyond the lab, such rigid systems can present safety risks to the people they interact with. For example, if an industrial robot swings into a person, […]


TED@UPS Video Intro: Mallory Soldner

Corporations often give money, logistical support and even their own people to solve some of the world’s most pressing humanitarian problems. But what if big companies were willing to share their other most precious resource: data?

At UPS, I’m an advanced analytics manager. But for fun, I like to travel. My favorite trip was backpacking around Southeast Asia after I finished grad school. And recently, I went to Iceland for a friend’s wedding. Watch Mallory talk about her TED@UPS experience. I also like cooking – I learned to make pasta in […]


TED@UPS Intro: Wanis Kabbaj

What lessons can we learn from the blood in our veins to make transportation more efficient and sustainable?

Wanis Kabbaj, Director of Global Strategy in Healthcare Logistics, Transportation Geek Wanis Kabbaj works at the intersection of biology and transportation. As the director of global strategy for healthcare logistics at UPS, he finds ways for organizations to transport their temperature-sensitive medicines and biotechnologies safely around the world. Before this, he supported UPS’ global forwarding […]


TED@UPS Video Intro: Monica Johnson

A tax manager examines abandonment and asks, “Why don't people want to claim funds, other people and parts of themselves?”

I am a wife, a mother, an author and the founder of That Girl is S.M.A.R.T. And I am an unclaimed property manager for United Parcel Service. My TED talk is about eliminating the aftermath of abandonment and restoring the broken relationship with property, others and ultimately oneself. Watch Monica describe her TED@UPS talk. I […]


TED@UPS Video Intro: Augie Picado

Augie explores the impact of walls, and imagines the new realities that people and products would face on both sides of a separated border.

I was born and raised in Northern New Jersey. If you’re wondering, it’s Exit 15W on the New Jersey Turnpike. I’m the son of Spanish immigrants. Watch Augie talk about his TED@UPS experience. I’ve been married to my wife Maria for 25 years. We have one daughter, Claudia, who is a senior in high school […]


How Wearable Robotics Incorporate Brains and Brawn

Will man and machine ever become one? After almost fifty years, wearable robotics may finally be within our reach.
Mike Keller | GE Reports

Decades before driver-less car researchers struggled to create an effective human-machine interface, GE was wrestling with its own, lower-tech version of how to meld steel and flesh.  It was called the Hardiman. Hardiman started in 1965 as a joint Army-Navy project to build a powered exoskeleton that could “amplify” human strength by a factor of […]


TED@UPS Video Intro: Jenna Schilstra

It’s time to stop dissing emojis and consider: what does the latest universal language, the next evolution of cryptography, have to offer?

The thing that has surprised me most about this TED process is that there’s so much to say. You have pages and pages of research, outlines and ideas, and you want to convey as much as possible in a short period of time. But it’s not about quantity, it’s about quality. So, it’s been interesting […]

working elements of blood pressure monitor and stethoscope  on vintage wooden board horizontal version medical comcept

Still Pushing Your Customers Around?

Stakeholders are now moving towards supply chain excellence and inbound logistics to handle new pressures on the American healthcare system.
Keith Biondo | Inbound Magazine

Inbound Logistics published its first healthcare logistics article back in 1994.  That article revealed several important reasons for companies to move to demand-driven logistics, even those not in the healthcare value chain. Hillarycare was introduced the year before that article ran. My opinion then was, “Fine, look at Hillarycare, but first cut costs and boost […]


Introducing TED@UPS 2.0

Here’s what you can expect from the latest partnership between TED and the world’s largest transportation and logistics company.

A simple question has driven innovation throughout the 100-plus years at UPS: “What if?” That thought-provoking premise is the force behind the evolution of UPS. We’re now far more than a package delivery company. “What if?” inspires us to deliver big ideas and big solutions. By challenging ourselves to look past barriers and imagine limitless […]

TED@UPS salon at Porter Sanford III Performing Arts & Community Center, September 2, 2015, Atlanta, Georgia. Photo: Mark Tioxon/TED

What TED Taught Me

One UPSer explains the value of sharing – and consuming – ideas that can transform how you see and experience the world.
Mark Modesti | UPS

  When I gave a TED Talk last year, I wasn’t nervous. I was terrified. I spoke at the inaugural TED@UPS event on how the fearless search for trouble can save a company. In a way, giving this talk was an act of seeking out trouble.  This wasn’t part of my day job. It forced […]

Brexit Jigsaw puzzle displaying european map missing Great Britain

Bracing for the Next Brexit

Did your business drop the ball on a Brexit contingency plan? How to prepare for the next global disruption.
Yossi Sheffi | MIT

The repercussions of Brexit, Britain’s momentous decision to exit the European Union, will reverberate across the globe for some time. But one striking conclusion from the many analyses of the June vote is that companies were not prepared for this game-changing event. “Businesses were largely taken by surprise by [the] vote to leave the EU […]


Experience vs. Vision: Finding Retail’s Sweet Spot

A retailer’s three-step process to better managing fulfillment

The term “legacy company” may call to mind an institution with a proud tradition, grounded and established, with experience burnished over time. Or, it could conjure the image of a stodgy, slow-moving enterprise, too steeped in its old practices to meet new and rapidly changing consumer demands.  That’s not a company primed to compete with […]


Reaching New Heights With Frugal Innovation

Doing more with less can re-ignite the creative spirit at your company, give your business a competitive edge – and better the world around you.
Navi Radjou | Innovation Advisor

I grew up in Southern India in a small town in a tiny house next to an urban slum. It was incredibly dry. We all had a keen sensitivity and appreciation of scarce resources. When it was time to shower, we used only one bucket of water. Many of my friends lived in abject poverty. […]


Putting a Price Tag on Pollution

Premature death due to air pollution is growing at an alarming rate. What are we willing to pay to snuff out the problem?
Simon Upton | OECD

Air pollution takes years off people’s lives. It causes substantial pain and suffering, among adults and children alike.  And it damages food production, at a time when we need to feed more people than ever. This is not just an economic issue; it is a moral one. Air pollution can be produced both outdoors and […]


Investing in Resilience

Disasters caused by climate change hit hardest in vulnerable communities around the world. How can we help those on the front lines?
Mark Malloch Brown | Business and Sustainable Development Commission

Vulnerable communities face the brunt of climate change – from rising sea levels and extreme weather events to prolonged severe droughts and flooding. According to the World Bank, without effective mitigation measures, climate change could push more than 100 million people into poverty by 2030. To help the most vulnerable communities become more resilient to […]