Fighting Blindness in the Heart of Africa

Here's why better logistics can often solve the greatest healthcare challenges.

Trachoma, a painful bacterial infection, has blinded roughly 6 million people, forcing the afflicted to pursue unimaginable methods for relief.

They take sandpaper to their own eyes.

Trachoma is also a completely treatable disease that a simple antibiotic can cure. Yet the problem rages on in poor communities throughout the world that lack access to basic medical supplies.

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It can be treated with a simple antibiotic, but it’s the leading cause of preventable blindness.

Malawi, an African nation about the size of Pennsylvania, is Ground Zero in the fight against Trachoma.

Teri Plummer McClure, UPS Chief Human Resources Officer and Senior Vice President, Labor, recently traveled to Malawi to take part in the campaign to eradicate Trachoma.

McClure describes her experience during an interview on Closer Look with Rose Scott and Jim Burress, broadcast on WABE 90.1 FM.

McClure talks about a surgeon “cutting the eyelid and stitching it back so that someone could have their vision restored.” And she highlights unconventional drug delivery methods in the “village center under a tree.”

The UPSer also envisions a better day for Malawi, one in which logistics and healthcare innovations provide long-sought and life-enhancing solutions.

Check out the interview below:



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Teri Plummer McClure Senior Vice President, Global Human Resources, Labor Relations, and Employee Communications at UPS.

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