TED@UPS: A Leap of Faith

Once again, we looked over the edge of a cliff.


Thirteen years ago, I sat in a boat in Negril, Jamaica, watching as my new bride stood on a cliff ready to jump into the water below.

From the boat, our tour group called out “3! 2! 1! Jump!”

But as she peered into the ocean below, fear took hold.  And despite our best efforts otherwise, fear kept her stuck at “no.”

Four years ago, my wife and I found ourselves standing on the edge of a different cliff. This was a figurative cliff, one that was drawing us toward the war-torn country of Uganda at the same time it warned us of its dangers.

A couple from our church were moving to Uganda. Knowing our passion for that part of the world, they asked us to join them at an organization called Restoration Gateway.

Restoration Gateway was providing critical medical and orphan care, as well as church ministry in a country that had been ravaged by a 23-year civil war.

Joining our friends in the organization’s work would take us farther from our life in Indiana than we had ever imagined.

But my wife and I looked over the edge of the cliff and took the first step – a year of intensive training that would lead to a longer commitment to Restoration Gateway.

The training brought us back to the edge of the cliff where a long list of questions waited: Could I get time off from my work as a pilot? How would we pay our mortgage? What about school for our three kids? What about leaving our friends and family? Will we be safe?

There were compelling reasons to say no to opening a risky chapter in our lives.

But saying yes would require a tremendous leap of faith. Once again, we looked over the edge of a cliff.  

Did we jump? Find out by watching my TED@UPS talk. goldbrown2

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