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Europeans Embrace Online Cross-Border Shopping

Trust, transparency and convenience are the stepping stones to e-commerce success.

The internet has reduced the world to a global village in the past few decades. Shopping has now become a global experience, enabling retailers to market and sell their products to customers anytime, anywhere.  At the same time, shoppers have equipped themselves with smartphones, 4G and various payment options like Apple Pay, PayPal and others. […]

A Power Shift in Retail

Online shopping is making the customer king, especially in Europe.

From the Editor: Just this weekend, I saw my first 2015 holiday commercial! With advertising launching this early, it shows how competitive the season’s become for retailers. Data’s the game changer. Using the latest survey results, several of our blogs this week examine the 2015 consumer: What’s impacting their decisions? What creates customer satisfaction? That and more, this week on Longitudes. — James Rowe. It’s simple: […]