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Blockchain’s Garbage-In, Garbage-Out Challenge

How data integrity could shape the future of blockchain – and supply chains.

Any information system is only as good as the quality of its data – the garbage-in, garbage-out conundrum. Blockchains are subject to this principle but even more so than conventional systems since the entries are unalterable. Is data integrity the Achilles heel of blockchain technology, especially in supply chain applications where countless entities scattered across multiple […]

Does Your Supply Chain Strategy Hold Water?

How conserving water can slow supply chain disruption and garner future rewards.

Companies have come a long way in their ability to manage supply chain risk, but they urgently need to step up their efforts in one key area: water scarcity. The Carbon Disclosure Project’s (CDP) 2016 Annual Report of Corporate Water Disclosure, published in November 2016, provides a wake-up call. A total of 607 of the […]