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Want to Move Fast on a Strategic Opportunity?

Deploy a focused team, and get out of the way.

No doubt about it: We live in a rapidly changing world. Disruptive technologies, shifting customer behaviors and emerging business models are shaking up nearly every industry. If you are going to survive and succeed amid this change, you need to move in a fast and adaptable way. Yes … even if you’re a huge global […]

Avoid Plateaus to Keep Your Competitive Edge

Companies that settle into a comfortable plateau are vulnerable and may become obsolete.

Knowledge calcifies. People begin to believe the status quo is the only logical way to do business. When presented with ideas for change, they mostly see obstacles. When you are stable and stationary, you are a sitting duck, easy to copy and vulnerable to commoditization. You quickly lose your edge. To achieve quantum leaps in […]

Want to Grow Faster and Smarter?

Try these seven rules of fearless growth.

Growth has always been fundamental to business success, but it’s never been more critical than now. Rapid changes in technology, shifting customer expectations, disruptive business models and quickly evolving regulations force organizations to innovate quickly and invest in new lines of business that will fuel future growth. The problem? The same forces that make growth […]

Corporate Venturing: A Great Way to Innovate and Learn

Amanda Setili explains how UPS uses 'corporate venturing' to innovate and learn.

This excerpt of Fearless Growth: The New Rules to Stay Competitive, Foster Innovation, and Dominate Your Markets by strategy consultant Amanda Setili explains how UPS uses “corporate venturing” to innovate and learn.  Even small and mid-size companies can employ this technique to tap into the skillsets, technologies and ideas of startup companies seeking investment funds. Corporate venturing […]

Putting Customers to Work

Gain insights by putting customers to work in your business.

Getting customers involved in your business by “putting them to work” enhances your organizational agility by increasing visibility into your customers’ ever-changing needs, behaviors and preferences. Putting customers to work not only gives employees more opportunities to observe and mix with customers on a daily basis, it provides a motivating force – and direction – […]

Try Loving Your Competitor’s Product

Taking friendly competition to the next level.

Have you ever encountered a problem when using a product and thought to yourself, “Have the people who designed this product ever even used it themselves? How could they not have noticed this?” It’s astonishing how frequently we encounter decision makers who have little to no experience using their own company’s products. Perhaps even more […]

How Agile Is Your Organization?

Identifying attributes that embody lively companies

Two in a series Agility – the ability to spot and capture new business opportunities as they emerge – is a capability that is highly sought-after in today’s fast-moving world. But how do you know if your organization is agile? What traits do agile organizations exhibit? When an organization is agile, employees are alert. They […]

Achieving Agility

What is agility? And why is it hard to achieve?

One in a series In my work with organizations in every industry, I have discovered that the most consistently successful companies – the fastest-growing, the most profitable, and the most rewarding places to work – are the most agile. These organizations are able to see and respond to changes in the marketplace more capably – […]