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The WTO’s Big Pivot

The WTO needs to fail faster if it intends to keep pace with commercial developments.

92% of startups fail within three years. Entrepreneurs and innovators don’t view failure the same as you and me. Some degree of failure in the innovation process is accepted as inevitable. Entrepreneurs don’t fear it, they drive toward it faster so they can learn from it and build it into the foundation of future success. […]

How U.S.-Africa Trade Can Fight Hunger

Aligning U.S. trade and development policies would help alleviate hunger in Africa — and benefit America’s economy.

Two-thirds of Africans work in the food and agriculture sector — yet one in every four people in Africa suffers chronic hunger, and 227 million people in Africa are considered undernourished. While rates of agricultural productivity in Africa are growing, they’re still far too low to meet projected demand in 2030. If current trends continue, hunger […]