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Inside UPS’s Electric Vehicle Strategy

It's time to rethink the return on investment for cleaner technologies.

Passenger electric cars get all the press, especially when someone launches one into space. But something important is going on in the world of commercial vehicles as well. Last year Tesla announced it would produce an electric long-haul big rig. PepsiCo, Walmart and UPS promptly committed to buying a few hundred. More recently, UPS made an important […]

Making Sustainable Products…Sustainable

Saving the world is great. Saving the world while making money is even better. Here’s how Target and Wal-Mart are doing just that.

For years, the answer to the question “Do people really want to buy more sustainable products?” was a profound “sort of.” Surveys consistently show that we aspire to buy responsibly, and we even say we’ll pay more for environmental or socially preferable products. But purchase intent does not always translate to real sales, and companies […]

Lower Oil Prices: A Slippery Slope?

The drop in oil prices might be bad for business.

OPEC announced recently that it would not cut its oil production, which accelerated an enormous drop in oil prices. While lower gas prices at the pump and a boost to the economy are generally welcome, we shouldn’t celebrate this time. If this (likely) short-term fall in prices slows down investment in cleaner forms of energy, […]

Business: The Secret Agents to Fight Climate Change?

Can the business sector lead the battle against climate change?

[A few weeks ago], CEOs and world leaders met at the UN to talk climate. In the run-up to these high-level talks, many companies and some relatively new voices from the business community have been sounding both the alarm and the rallying cry for action. At the same time, the cost of renewable energy has […]

How CEOs can save the world from global warming

The business world is waking up to the challenge of climate change.

Apple CEO Tim Cook recently lashed out at a shareholder who pressed the company to stop investing in carbon reduction and renewable energy. In the most recent World Economic Forum Global Risk survey of CEOs and world leaders, three of the top six issues of “highest concern” were failure to tackle climate change, extreme weather, […]