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Can Boomers and Millennials Save America’s Start-up Engine?

The Kauffman Foundation’s Jason Wiens talks about how these two demographic groups will chart the future course of entrepreneurship.

Unemployment rates are dropping, consumer confidence is growing, and the economy is finally picking up steam. Yet there’s a soft spot in the nascent recovery: the rate of new business creation. Even before the onset of the Great Recession, reports the Kauffman Foundation, American entrepreneurship has been declining. But the Kauffman Foundation also argues that […]

Are Apprenticeships the Answer for Struggling Millennials?

German-style apprenticeships are gaining momentum as a way to help America's young workers.

In America, the rite of passage that comes with turning 16 is to get a drivers’ license. In Germany, it’s to become an apprentice. Since the 1970s, nearly two out of three young Germans opt at age 16 to enter the country’s apprenticeship system, which covers roughly 350 different occupations from mechanics to hairdressers, electricians […]