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5 Reasons Not to Give Up On Global Trade

It's time to recognize the core value of international trade.

Many people feel the international trading system is unfair or unaccountable. Some blame it for the loss of jobs, others for pressurizing local industries or eroding labor standards. It is true that economic globalization has not lifted all boats. Income and wealth inequality are on the rise. Significantly, 42 percent of countries ranked on the World Economic […]

Globalization is Worth Saving

Trade, like technology, is good for most of us. But we need to make it more inclusive.

Cross-border flows of goods, services, capital, people and even ideas are today more contested, at least in advanced economies, than they have been since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Trade agreements, which constitute a rare, tangible legislative symbol of globalization, are bearing the brunt of the controversy. Last-minute objections from French-speaking Belgians nearly derailed a […]