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Cycling with Real-Time Data

The Solos Smart Glasses are more than just a fashion statement for the cyclists on the U.S. women's team.

To gain an edge at the Summer Games, the cyclists on the U.S. women’s team are turning to the latest in mobile, cloud and wearable technology. Their training for the “team pursuit,” a track cycling event, pits two teams of up to four riders against each other on a four kilometer track. The riders’ goal […]

Big Data Tackles Poverty

The Big Data revolution is making access to capital more equitable and accountable than ever. How can it help the poor?

Even if you have the best idea in the world, starting a small business is hard. But if you’re one of the two billion people around the world who lack access to basic financial resources, such as a bank account or credit, it’s just about impossible. Karen Little, director of development at Kiva, a microfinancing […]

What the Next Generation of Wearables Will Look Like

Fabric processors, shape-shifting yarns and other ways to wear the future on your sleeve.

Ask the average person what a wearable technology is and they’ll say a fitness tracker. They’ll describe it as a hard plastic bracelet, watch or clip-on gadget that logs things like heart rate and level of activity. While these early wearables have been hugely popular and a big leap forward, they have also had an […]