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To Your Doorstep, Faster than the Speed of Sound

The logistics landscape is changing faster than ever. Here's what it might look like in coming years.

Autonomous vehicles dominate the headlines. But they’re just one of the many futuristic technologies we could use to make deliveries in coming decades. Indeed, at some point in the future, the logistics landscape could barely resemble what we see today. Here’s an admittedly fanciful look at some of the cutting-edge technologies we could use one […]

Back to the Future in e-Commerce

Looking five years back – and forward.

In the iconic Back to the Future film trilogy, high-schooler Marty McFly and eccentric scientist Emmett “Doc” Brown travel back and forth in time 30 years or more using a tricked-out silver DeLorean fueled by a plutonium-powered “flux capacitor” that generates the 1.21 gigawatts needed for time travel.  When it comes to e-commerce and retailing, […]

The Social Media Game is Changing for Retailers and Everyone Else

Social media is changing the way companies advertise in a bid to win the internet retail game.

The raging battle for Internet supremacy — to keep eyeballs and content in one place — is changing the way social media and advertising are implemented in every industry.  And retail is no exception. Historically, the aspiration for content publishers has been to achieve a “walled garden” with a controlled environment offering a wide variety […]

Retail Steamrollers: Power Shoppers and Millennials

Don't get flattened by the competition.

“Once a new technology rolls over you, if you are not part of the steamroller, you are part of the road,” says author Stewart Brand, editor of The Whole Earth Catalog and founder of the Global Business Network. Retailers who do not stay ahead of the technology curve are likely to get flattened.  Consumers are adopting new technologies more quickly than ever […]

The Smartphone Is Changing Retailing for Good

Nearly half of mobile users are using smartphones or tablets to make online purchases. Is your retail company ready for the small screen?

Pocket-sized communication devices seem to be taking over our lives — and exercising our thumbs — more than many retailers realize. “The smartphone revolution is under-hyped…more people have access to phones than access to running water,” says Marc Andreessen, entrepreneur, investor and cofounder of Netscape. In terms of time spent, mobile (i.e. smartphone and tablet) […]

The Power of Visuals in E-Commerce

Visuals stimulate, inspire, motivate and speak volumes to customers — without saying a word.

An ad in the March 10, 1927 issue of the trade journal Printers Ink — promoting the use of images in advertisements on the side of streetcars — used the phrase “One Picture Worth Ten Thousand Words,” and labelled it a Chinese proverb. The writer, Fred W. Barnard, is quoted as saying he “called it […]

5 Ways to Battle Retail Goliaths

Ahead of the retail season, here’s how to fight above your weight class.

All the media attention paid to Amazon, Walmart and other retail giants might make smaller retailers think they don’t stand much of a chance online. That may be part of the reason why roughly only 40 percent of all U.S. retailers report having websites, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. While it’s true that the […]

Turning Browsers to Buyers

Using the power of "free" to drive online sales and build loyalty.

In his book Predictably Irrational, behavioral economist Dan Ariely devotes an entire chapter to the subject of “free,” titled: “The cost of zero cost: Why we often pay too much when we pay nothing.” He makes the point that consumers are often irrational about making decisions when they see the word “free.” “Free gives us […]

A Greener Blueprint For City Delivery

We need a new model of logistics to ensure those city dwellers get what they want, when they want it – and in a sustainable fashion.

By 2050, two-thirds of all people will live in a city. This means roads will get even more congested. Air quality in those urban areas will likely worsen. And the demand for goods in megacities will further test already strained transportation networks. In some bigger cities, such problems have already surfaced. There are restrictions on […]

The Evolving Role of the Store in e-Commerce

Why integrating the online and store experience is the key to retail success.

When it comes to retail, silos are a silent killer. In a siloed organization, those loyal to their own group or division may distrust the motives of others. There may be little or no communication between groups, and a tendency to cling to the status quo. That can lead to missing new revenue opportunities, losing […]

Courting the Customer

Understanding today’s customer can help make the sale

Steve Jobs once noted in an early TED talk, “You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards.” Perhaps now more than ever, that is true for those striving to succeed in e-commerce. Understanding what makes customers tick can drive success. After all, double-digit growth in both B2C and B2B e-commerce means there’s […]

Delivery on Demand

Convenience and control: shoppers want it all

For a growing number of consumers, delivery has become the first – not last – concern as they make their online shopping decisions. New research from UPS and comScore reveals that delivery options are increasingly important in creating satisfied online shoppers and are even driving purchasing decisions. Today, winning in retail is about providing convenience […]

Think Local, Shop Global

Online consumers want to shop the world. Are e-tailers ready?

Right now, consumers want to shop the world. Shoppers are purchasing in stores, on PCs and from smartphones and tablets, buying goods locally and from other continents in a few clicks. They want what they want, when they want it, whether it be a purchase from a local store in Omaha or from a boutique […]

Retail on the Go

A look at the world of shopping in your purse or pocket.

Smartphones have become such a part of our daily life that most of us can’t imagine even a few hours without one. New research from UPS and comScore reveals that the rest of the world is just as attached to their mobile devices – and even more reliant on a smartphone when it comes to […]