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Our Best 2018 Workplace Culture Articles

A year-end look at the top workplace culture content from Longitudes.

For all the strides our global society made in 2018, much work remains in building workplaces that reflect the great diversity we see in our everyday lives. These are workplaces where anybody can contribute and advance through the leadership ranks regardless of gender, race or socioeconomic status. As research tells us, this isn’t just about […]

Our Best 2018 Logistics Articles

A year-end look at the top logistics content from Longitudes.

The calling for logistics companies has never been clearer: Get customers what they want when they want it. Simple enough, right? Not exactly. More than ever, we’re responding to the needs and demands of consumers who are pushing the boundaries of e-commerce. That’s why UPS is playing a key role in the transformation of practically […]

Our Best 2018 Manufacturing Articles

A year-end look at the top manufacturing content from Longitudes.

The digital and physical worlds are colliding in what we now call the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As UPS’s Alan Amling points out, what’s happening under the surface to bring any product to your door is undergoing a massive transformation that will forever change companies, industries and countries. The rise of makerspaces, additive manufacturing and apprenticeships […]

Our Best 2018 Tech and Innovation Articles

A year-end look at the top technology and innovation content from Longitudes.

Leaps in technology, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and blockchain, took center stage in 2018. And while companies like UPS explored the new frontiers made possible by those innovations, such progress presents only half the picture. To truly tap into the promise of technological advancements, we need similar growth in how we think […]

Our Best 2018 Sustainability Articles

A year-end look at the top sustainability content from Longitudes.

Diversification was the sustainability story of 2018. From innovative urban planning to a greater understanding of online returns to a growing fleet of electric vehicles, sustainable solutions came in many different shapes and sizes. That’s because every city, every company and every individual brings unique expertise to building a greener world for us all. The […]

Our Best 2018 Leadership Articles

A year-end look at the top leadership content from Longitudes.

You know a good leader when you see one. Some are quiet. Some are loud. Some are meticulous. Some are instinctive. Some have decades of experience. Some are brand new on the job. Regardless of their style, however, they know how to get the most out of their people and make adjustments when necessary. Whether pushing […]

Our Best 2018 E-Commerce Articles

A year-end look at the top e-commerce content from Longitudes.

Navigating the choppy waters of digital commerce is arguably the greatest opportunity – and challenge – for businesses of all sizes today. That’s because e-commerce levels the playing field, allowing resourceful entrepreneurs to plug into global supply chains with unprecedented ease. But where do you begin? And how do you avoid the pitfalls that have […]

Our Best 2018 Small Business Articles

A year-end look at the top small business content from Longitudes.

Editor’s note: The past year was hardly lacking for stories on Longitudes. We explored the trends of tomorrow with thought leaders like Richard Branson and Tim Brown. We highlighted upstart businesses that are changing the way we live, work and play. And we showed you how UPS is tapping into its Global Smart Logistics Network to […]

Our Top 5 Manufacturing Articles of 2017

A year-end look at the best manufacturing content from Longitudes.

In Part 2 of our five-part white paper series, Routes to the Future, we argued that the way we make the world around us – how we design, produce, deliver and reclaim the objects of everyday life – will follow new routes. We are trekking down many of these routes today but have just scratched the surface […]

Our Top 5 Sustainability Articles of 2017

A year-end look at the best sustainability content from Longitudes.

There are no longer separate paths for business and sustainability success – those two lanes are now one and the same. But even as the corporate community reaches a consensus on the importance of sustainable practices, many questions remain about how best to balance environmental, efficiency and commercial concerns. These questions take on an even greater […]

Our Top 5 Retail Articles of 2017

A year-end look at the best retail content from Longitudes.

The companies that best adapt to the consumer-led revolution will win the future – period. That principle applies to retailers, logistics providers and any business looking to provide solutions to customers at the click of a button. As the retail landscape undergoes rapid transformation – and the line between physical and digital stores continues to blur – it’s […]

Our Top 5 Podcasts of 2017

A year-end look at the best podcasts from Longitudes.

We fully embraced the podcasting craze in 2017, launching Longitudes Radio in October. The mission? To bring more conversations about where the world is heading straight to you. In our inaugural season, we explored how UPS is building the Network of the Future, talked about the qualities of an effective public speaker and predicted what blockchain […]

Our Top 5 Leadership Articles of 2017

A year-end look at the best leadership content from Longitudes.

Of all the trends shaping the world of tomorrow, leadership is arguably the most popular topic on Longitudes. With macro forces disrupting all industries and companies of all sizes, leadership has never been in more demand. During the past 12 months, we’ve focused on a number of questions leaders confront every day: How do you build […]

Our Top 5 Technology Articles of 2017

A year-end look at the best technology content from Longitudes.

Thank you for another great year at Longitudes. In 2017, we explored the trends of tomorrow – but in a number of exciting, new ways. We launched Longitudes Radio, a podcast channel devoted to big ideas and big thinkers shaping international commerce. We released another chapter in our Routes to the Future series, with the […]

Podcast: Building the Blockchain Ecosystem

Blockchain could be bigger than the internet and revolutionize our financial system, Barry Silbert argues.

Click to play podcast. Barry Silbert has a simple goal: to build a better financial system. He says he’s found a way to do just that. Silbert, the founder of Digital Currency Group, a strategic investment company that helps entrepreneurs, financial institutions and technology investors, believes that blockchain will help build that better system. Blockchain is […]

Blockchain and the Digital Currency Revolution

Early investor Barry Silbert, the next presenter in the UPS Speaker Series, says blockchain technology will forever change global commerce. Here’s how:

When Barry Silbert first heard about a new, frictionless form of digital money that could move person to person without any cost, he had to learn more. The recovering investment banker – his description, not ours – was running a business that effectively created a stock market for private companies. So he knew a few […]

From Weapon of War to Beacon of Hope

Drones will soon start delivering medical supplies to unreachable areas in Rwanda. It could spark the beginning of a revolution in technology and healthcare.

The following is based on an interview with Keller Rinaudo, the CEO of Zipline, a California-based robotics company that works with governments, private companies and public-private partners to provide reliable access to medical products at the last mile. Imagine that you’re grocery shopping for your family. But you can only go to the store twice […]

VIDEO: Jeremy Rifkin Has Seen the Future

Take a closer look at the sharing economy, the nature of productivity and the intersection of communication, energy and transportation in coming decades.

This is a defining moment for the future of the human race. As in other paradigm shifts in history, we must better understand how economic opportunities arise. If we know how such openings materialize, we’ll have a roadmap for harnessing our connectivity in this increasingly global society. That’s how bestselling author and thought leader Jeremy […]

PODCAST: Jeremy Rifkin on Green Disruption

Part two of a set.

  In part one of our chat with bestselling author Jeremy Rifkin, we learned about the next industrial revolution (spoiler alert: it’s almost here). But what exactly will it mean for our economic future, and how are some of the world’s leading businesses planning for this new day? Rifkin elaborates in part two of our […]

PODCAST: Jeremy Rifkin on the Next Industrial Revolution

Part one of a set.

  You probably know a little bit about the Industrial Revolution or even the Second Industrial Revolution. But what if I told you we’re now on the cusp of another industrial revolution, a Third Industrial Revolution, to be exact? This era will usher in a fundamental reordering of human relationships, changing the way we conduct […]

Rifkin’s Revolution

UPS Speaker Series presents noted author and thinker Jeremy Rifkin on Feb. 24.

We’re not big on self-promotion here at Longitudes. We think the content we serve up on a variety of subjects on a daily basis is our best advertising. But today we’re making an exception because we don’t want you to miss an opportunity to hear firsthand from one of the best-respected, big-idea guys of our […]

Why Mexico?

If you’re looking for the next big thing, Mexico is a good place to start.

You’ve probably noticed that we’re pretty bullish on Mexico’s future. That’s why Longitudes spent the week exploring how manufacturers are flocking to Latin America  (don’t forget to check out the podcast) and why that trend will create a fast lane to economic opportunity at the U.S.-Mexico border. On a related note, we also took a look at […]

One for the Books

From activist to civil servant to clandestine book runner, Robert Brown has led a life of service. And he’s not done.

He was a friend of Nelson Mandela. He helped Martin Luther King, Jr.’s widow bring her husband’s body home. He was a businessman and held a senior position in the Nixon White House. All that was before he spent years sneaking books for poor children into South Africa during the height of apartheid. Today, with […]

The Week in Big Data

A look at how analytics can help you get ahead of what customers want.

Numbers tell a story. They tell us where we’ve been, and more importantly, they tell us where we’re going. We’re fortunate to have more information at our fingertips than ever before, which gives us unprecedented insight into human behavior and global patterns. Here at Longitudes, we like to think of big data as a crystal […]

The 3D Week in Review

With all the talk about technology in the real world versus fantasyland, here’s why a 3D-printing boom is no fantasy.

We’ve been seeing things in 3D all week here at Longitudes. We’re constantly looking to the future – and not just because of “Back to the Future” Day, though it was fun comparing the cinematic version of Oct. 21, 2015, to real life. In the movie, Marty McFly travels three decades in time to save […]

The Week in Review: TPP Edition

Why you should care about a new, landmark trade deal that would transform the global economy.

This was a big week for trade. More importantly, this was a big week for expanding economic opportunity around the world. The United States, Japan and 10 other Pacific Rim nations reached an agreement this week on the largest regional trade accord in history. The pact, known as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, links roughly 40 percent […]