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Our Best 2018 Workplace Culture Articles

A year-end look at the top workplace culture content from Longitudes.

For all the strides our global society made in 2018, much work remains in building workplaces that reflect the great diversity we see in our everyday lives. These are workplaces where anybody can contribute and advance through the leadership ranks regardless of gender, race or socioeconomic status. As research tells us, this isn’t just about […]

Our Best 2018 Logistics Articles

A year-end look at the top logistics content from Longitudes.

The calling for logistics companies has never been clearer: Get customers what they want when they want it. Simple enough, right? Not exactly. More than ever, we’re responding to the needs and demands of consumers who are pushing the boundaries of e-commerce. That’s why UPS is playing a key role in the transformation of practically […]

Our Best 2018 Manufacturing Articles

A year-end look at the top manufacturing content from Longitudes.

The digital and physical worlds are colliding in what we now call the Fourth Industrial Revolution. As UPS’s Alan Amling points out, what’s happening under the surface to bring any product to your door is undergoing a massive transformation that will forever change companies, industries and countries. The rise of makerspaces, additive manufacturing and apprenticeships […]

Our Best 2018 Tech and Innovation Articles

A year-end look at the top technology and innovation content from Longitudes.

Leaps in technology, including artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and blockchain, took center stage in 2018. And while companies like UPS explored the new frontiers made possible by those innovations, such progress presents only half the picture. To truly tap into the promise of technological advancements, we need similar growth in how we think […]

Our Best 2018 Sustainability Articles

A year-end look at the top sustainability content from Longitudes.

Diversification was the sustainability story of 2018. From innovative urban planning to a greater understanding of online returns to a growing fleet of electric vehicles, sustainable solutions came in many different shapes and sizes. That’s because every city, every company and every individual brings unique expertise to building a greener world for us all. The […]