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Get Ahead Of Shifting Customer Loyalties

The UPS Industrial Buying Dynamics study provides new insight for reaching today’s customer.

Industrial distributors, take note: Customers have formed new allegiances. The customer loyalty of years past was built on a personal relationship, one that was mutually viewed by distributors and buyers as an ironclad agreement. The comfort of familiarity doesn’t carry the same currency anymore. Instead, customers are motivated by lower prices, how quickly a particular […]

Don’t Make After-Sales An Afterthought

UPS research reveals that most small-to mid-size industrial machinery companies don’t see replacement parts and service as a way to stand apart. That’s a problem.

Industrial machinery manufacturers are wired to focus on what’s new. Such a mindset is understandable. Companies’ pipelines depend on developing the latest, most cutting-edge products to keep customers happy. It may sound counterintuitive, but for many manufacturers, new opportunity awaits in the services that are most easily overlooked. UPS data shows that 78 percent of […]

Skyrocketing Aerospace Growth and Complex Supply Chains

Meeting demand with better logistics.

Commercial airplane makers are ramping up production to meet historic demand from operators around the world, but the good times come with risk in this increasingly complex business that sees supply chains sprawling further and often into emerging markets. Now, more than ever, a mastery of aerospace logistics is key to success. Without it, the […]

Auto Aftermarket Shifts Gears

Online shopping creates challenges, opportunities for retailers

The automotive aftermarket is in the midst of an unparalleled shift in how retailers interact with their customers. Once a safe-haven for brand-loyal relationships, immediate access to research and shopping options are transforming the automotive aftermarket business. According to UPS’s What’s Driving the Automotive Parts Online Shopper™ study, which was conducted by comScore, 70% of […]