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Technology and Tenacity: The Right Time for Transformational Change

We are an industry of industries. But we all want the same things — cleaner cities and safer roads. Working together is how we get them.

I have one big problem with predictions: They’re wrong more than they’re right. In 1957, Popular Mechanics predicted that in 10 years, by 1967, you’d be able to order a light truck that would fly using fans. In 2013, futurists said self-driving vehicles would be standard by 2018. The reason these were wrong — and […]

The Urgency of Unfinished Business

The innovation that has spurred cleaner, more efficient transportation must continue to accelerate.

­­­­The following is an edited version of a speech Carlton Rose, president of UPS Global Fleet Maintenance & Engineering, gave May 2 at the Advanced Clean Transportation (ACT) Expo in Long Beach, California. A short decade or so ago, oil was at $147 a barrel. Oil producers were telling us to brace for $170 or […]