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A Reflection on Volunteering and Service

Against the backdrop of National Volunteer Week, it’s a good time to take stock of volunteering and why it’s so fruitful for so many people.

When I started at UPS, the plan was just to pay the bills during college and move on. More than three decades later, I’m still here — why? It comes down to service. My parents worked for the Salvation Army their entire adult lives, so I grew up seeing service in action. I saw the […]

3 Ways to Build Innovation Into Your Business

Exploring the gap between aspiration and accomplishment.

Everyone can innovate. But innovative thought by itself is incomplete. Throughout my 30-year career, I have helped many businesses re-engineer their supply chains and boost their services – efforts that have certainly paid off. But when it comes to innovation, there appears to be a gap between aspiration and accomplishment. So what’s missing? While many […]

After the Cyclone: The Logistics of Relief

Helping an island nation obtain clean drinking water and aid.

Editor’s note: The UPS Foundation announced today that it will contribute $500,000 to assist in the humanitarian response to the earthquake in Nepal. The contribution will help get urgent relief supplies to Nepal and provide on-the-ground logistics support for long-term recovery needs. In 2014, The UPS Foundation’s Humanitarian Relief & Resilience Program supported more than […]