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E-Tailers: Don’t Make Reverse Logistics an Afterthought

It's black and white. Ace the returns test, or watch customers go elsewhere.

As e-commerce grows, so does the amount of stuff that gets returned. It’s almost become part of the online shopping process. We buy multiples of things knowing some or most of it will get sent back using the return shipping labels many companies provide inside the box or online. The return process is now so […]

Understanding Sustainability and E-Commerce Packaging

Quantifying the true cost of damage and impact can lead to truly sustainable outcomes.

A few years ago, on my way to the office, I was listening to a radio story about the quarterly earnings of a major U.S. retailer. In the story, losses from damaged goods were lumped in the same financial earnings/loss bucket as retail shrinkage and theft. This type of financial reporting is not surprising, as […]