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Home Healthcare Rising

We are living in the age of the empowered patient — we all must adjust accordingly.

Home healthcare is emerging front and center amid the many medical options for an aging population around the world. Due in large part to the rise of technology, new services such as telemedicine are redefining the doctor-patient relationship. Home Health Care News put it this way: “In the past, in-home care had often been considered […]

4 Myths About Innovation in Logistics

Don't let these four assumptions get in the way of supply chain success.

The serenity of a normal Sunday morning gives me time to catch up on the business journals and blogs that have accumulated in my inbox throughout the week. As I comb through the articles, my serendipity turns into anxiety as I read article after article on the vast number of innovative ideas put forward by […]

Healthcare’s Fountain of Youth

The medical revolution is creating the prospect of much longer-- and healthier --lives. But achieving the full benefits requires better logistics.

Undeniably, aging populations, chronic diseases and ongoing constraints on public finances are presenting significant challenges to healthcare systems in Europe. The European Steering Group (ESG) on sustainable healthcare recently noted that to achieve sustainability of healthcare systems, a fundamental transformation is needed “from acute care to chronic care, from hospital dependency to integrated care across […]