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Is Globalization Really Fueling Populism?

Attributing the rise in populism to global economic change alone is overly simplistic.

On both sides of the Atlantic, populism of the left and the right is on the rise. Its most visible standard-bearer in the United States is Donald Trump, the Republican Party’s presumptive presidential nominee. In Europe, there are many strands – from Spain’s leftist Podemos party to France’s right-wing National Front – but all share […]

The Transatlantic Growth Gap

Key differences in the American and European economic recoveries.

The global financial crisis that erupted in full force in 2008 affected Europe and the United States in a very similar way – at least at the start. On both sides of the Atlantic, economic performance tanked in 2009 and started to recover in 2010. But as the financial crisis mutated into the euro crisis, […]