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Can the Global Supply Chain Meet the Demands of Healthcare?

A healthcare product’s journey is equally as important as its destination.

Each year, Global Business Reports publishes its report on the state of the biopharmaceutical industry based on interviews with more than 100 authoritative thought leaders. These include industry associations, logistics experts, academic institutions, research organizations, consultants and analysts. As part of the report, UPS’s Dirk van Peteghem shared his insights on supply chain challenges and […]

Turning The Promise Of Healthcare Into Reality

Healthcare logistics must keep pace with scientific innovation to enable limitless possibilities.

There are two end goals that drive innovation in healthcare – extending life and improving the quality of life. Any scientific progress in healthcare serves one or both of these pursuits. It is difficult to predict exactly where science will go next. However, we know that the pace of innovation in the world of healthcare […]

The High Stakes in “Cold Chain”

Market changes are driving pharmaceutical companies to consider new ways to mitigate risk in the cold chain.

A growing global middle class, longer supply chains, and the launch of new, innovative healthcare products are putting more complex demands on the pharmaceutical industry’s high-stakes logistics environment. Factors such as new, temperature-sensitive biologics, increasing cold-chain regulations, and growing cost pressures require pharmaceutical executives to reconsider how they prioritize “cold” supply-chain decisions. Strategies such as […]

Four Trends Redefining the Healthcare Supply Chain

It's time to act on untapped opportunities in the healthcare industry.

By 2020, China is projected to spend $1 trillion on healthcare, driven by a growing middle class and aging population. This is just one of a long list of stats that illustrates the significant shifts that are happening in the healthcare industry today. Global trends such as rising consumerism, increased healthcare consumption, increasing costs of […]