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The Demographics of Trade

Trade polls show different viewpoints between generations and political parties.

As Congress prepares to debate Trade Promotion Authority and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, how does the public react? Three major polls looked into the question last year – two by the Pew Research Center in February and September, and one by the Chicago Council on Global Affairs in May. Pew found a public splitting by 55-25 […]

The Wages of Trade

Why the Trans-Pacific trade deal won’t depress U.S. wages

Anticipating Congressional debate on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, Sen. Bernie Sanders (an independent Socialist from Vermont) took a dire view last New Year’s Eve: “The TPP will make the race to the bottom worse because it forces American workers to compete with desperate workers in Vietnam where the minimum wage is just 56 cents an hour.” […]

Cuba Libre

What free trade could mean for the United States and Cuba.

Launched with the Eisenhower administration’s cancellation of Cuban sugar quotas in the summer of 1960, the U.S. embargo on Cuba has been ratcheted up over five decades to include nearly full bans on trade, investment, travel, and small financial transfers. Having lasted for 64 of the 112 years since Cuba’s independence in 1902, the embargo […]

Harvesting Higher Wages

More than half of the world's worst jobs vanished in the last generation.

  Some startlingly good news from the International Labor Organization’s World of Work 2014, released in May: “In 1994, 39 per cent of the developing world’s workers were living with their families in extreme poverty (on less than US$1.25 in consumption per household member per day). By 2004, this figure had fallen to around 25 […]

Why India Needs More Open Trade

In the modern era of exchange, India needs less trade regulation.

Among the world’s big economies, India is the trade underachiever. Ranking 2nd in the world for population and 3rd for GDP (using purchasing-power-parity estimates), it is 14th for exporting – and at $350 worth of software, clothing, jewelry, generic medicines, etc. shipped out per person annually – and last among the world’s 25 biggest economies […]