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Is the Mailbox Going the Way of the Rotary Phone?

Keeping European postal infrastructure open.

PARIS – Everyone has a mailbox. But beneath their everyday veneer, mailboxes are in a state of radical transition. Just as the rotary phone was replaced by more adaptive technology, your mailbox may soon be at the center of a groundbreaking transformation. According to Copenhagen Economics, mail volumes are decreasing at a rate of roughly […]

It’s About Connecting, Not Delivering

Preparing for the post-Uber effect: Here’s how transportation companies can get ahead of the next disruption.

Plenty of companies fear being uberized. By uberized, I mean a shift from the classical economy – companies internally organizing activities to perform a service – to the platform model, using digital tools to coordinate external resources (mostly people) for the same activity. Through dedicated digital platforms, this gets rid of the middle man and […]