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This Is What an AI-Powered Future Looks Like

A society reliant on artificial intelligence will have a dramatic impact on the design of cars, houses, products and services.

Today we are just beginning to scratch the surface of what is possible with artificial intelligence (AI) and how individuals will interact with its various forms. Every single aspect of our society — from cars to houses to products to services — will be re-imagined and redesigned to incorporate AI. A child born in the […]

4 Ways Virtual Reality Is Molding the Future of Work

We are just scratching the surface of virtual reality. From doctors to auto technicians to astronauts, here are some ways VR technology is helping to reimagine the future of work.

Over time, ideas change and innovation takes us to new, unexplored territories that unleash the kind of creativity that creates new dynamic businesses and reimagines old ones. Today, we are potentially on the cusp of such a change — driven by virtual reality (VR). VR will not simply affect just one particular industry or a scientific […]

Turning Up the Volume on Over-the-Top Content

As more people cut the cord on cable, over-the-top service providers see opportunity in services like Uber.

While the number of traditional cable subscribers continues to decline, over-the-top (OTT) video services – the delivery of film and TV content without a traditional cable or satellite subscription – are headed in the opposite direction. And now, with the help of Uber, OTT is about to get even bigger. Nearly 60 percent of U.S. […]

The Industrial Internet is Always Learning

In an always on, always learning society, companies that embrace the Industrial Internet will be more intelligent and efficient.

The exponential growth of data from connected devices has the potential to create a society that is always on and always learning. Interconnectedness is also poised to transform entire industries, as companies harness the Industrial Internet to gain unprecedented efficiencies. The connected device trend is only going to accelerate as the consumerization of software continues […]