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How IoT Will Change Our Society

Find out how IoT will transform the economy, the workplace and transportation.

Some call the Internet of Things (IoT) the Intelligence of Things or the Internet of Everything. By whatever name, futurists say it heralds the moment when sensor-driven data connects everything to everything else and artificial and human intelligence become a seamless whole — the planet and virtually everything in and on it transformed into a […]

Industry Experts’ Top IoT Predictions for 2017 and Beyond

What experts from around the industry expect for IoT in the not-too-distant future.

The number of connected devices is expanding at a faster pace than ever before, and it’s clear that the Internet of Things (IoT) is here to stay. We spoke to top industry analysts and business leaders who shared their thoughts on where IoT is heading next year – and in the years to come. This article […]

Is Your Company Ready to Employ the Digital Generation?

What today's teens expect out of technology and the workforce

Today’s ambitious and digital-native teens are about to take the world by storm. But is your company ready for this generation to enter the workforce? HPE recently commissioned a survey among teens about their expectations around technology. Here, we gathered HPE execs and other technology leaders to discuss the findings. [Also on Longitudes: Technology: Disruption […]

From Zero to $3 Billion: What it Takes to Grow a Business

How to aim high and keep growing.

Aruba Networks Co-founder and Chief Technology Officer Keerti Melkote Shares Advice from His Entrepreneurial Journey As the tech industry continues to see blockbuster growth, entrepreneurs are brimming with ideas in hopes of inventing the next big thing. I started Aruba Networks in 2002, became chief technology officer in 2008 and helped facilitate its $2.7 billion […]