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Kicking our Logistics Network into Overdrive

If technology is the engine that powers our transformation, then data and analytics are the fuel.

The package delivery and logistics business has always been where the rubber meets the road – literally. Shippers rely on their logistics partners to get items from one location to another and usually on a deadline. There’s little margin for error and no excuse for unmet commitments. Over the years, global commerce shrunk our world, […]

Will Data Reshape the Future of Logistics?

Advancing from reactive thinking to predictive problem solving will create smarter transportation networks.

Today, companies mostly use data to explain what has already happened, a practice known as descriptive analytics.  The more advanced companies turn to analytics to predict what might happen next. But just 3 percent of firms deploy prescriptive analytics, which goes beyond prediction and determines the optimal action to take. Increasingly, businesses will use analytics. […]

TED@UPS: Turning Skeptics into Believers

How did we finally succeed in creating the world’s largest operations research project?

Summary: The German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer once said, “Truth passes through three stages: ridicule, violent opposition and, finally, acceptance as if self-evident.” After devoting almost a decade of my life to a project that goes by the acronym ORION, I believe many innovative ideas must clear the same gauntlet before skeptics become believers. ORION began […]