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TED@UPS: What If More Expensive Isn’t Better?

When it comes to healthcare, how can we do more with less?
Jan Denecker | UPS

As medicine advances, so does the complexity and price of healthcare. Jan Denecker takes the stage at TED@UPS to share three ways the modern healthcare industry can learn to do more with less.  Jan shares his story in his TED@UPS talk featured below.    Click here to learn more about Jan.  

Healthcare Hacks

Spreading frugal innovation in the healthcare industry.
Jan Denecker | UPS

These days, it seems like there is a “hack” for just about everything. And no, I’m not talking about cyber-security here, I’m referring to the concept that you may see on your Facebook newsfeed from time to time. Think: using a pants hanger to hold a cookbook or putting a cell phone in a cup […]