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Diseases Without Borders

The world must invest now in strengthening public-health systems and establishing new and flexible means of financing.

Today’s world seems more risk-laden than ever. The increasingly visible effects of climate change, rising geopolitical tensions, state crisis and collapse, inadequate or unequal economic opportunities, and the spread of infectious diseases – to name just some of the highest-profile threats – have created an environment of great uncertainty. Will 2015 be the year when […]

Investing in Social Safety Nets

How countries can help those living in extreme poverty get jobs and participate more fully in the economy.

One of the most difficult development challenges we face is how to break the cycle of poverty. In particular, how can children from the poorest families grow up to live better lives than their parents? This is a question all countries would like to answer. One of the best solutions we have was born in […]

Why CEOs Care About Climate Change

Business leaders are finding opportunities despite climate change's challenging conditions.

I’ve been hearing from business leaders over the past few months about the impact climate change could have on their industries and the goods and services we all rely on. They might not talk much about it publicly, but they are very aware of the risks a warming planet poses for their supply chains, factories […]

How Technology is Beating Corruption

A transformational era of transparency and citizen empowerment.

Good governance is critical for all countries around the world today. When it doesn’t exist, many governments fail to deliver public services effectively, health and education services are often substandard and corruption persists in rich and poor countries alike, choking opportunity and growth. It will be difficult to reduce extreme poverty — let alone end […]