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How 3D Printing Could Bend the Cost Curve in Healthcare

Additive manufacturing could provide a real breakthrough in treating patients around the world.

Even as people around the globe enjoy longer, healthier and more productive lives, the rising cost of healthcare threatens to impede such progress. This is particularly troubling in the United States as Baby Boomers approaching retirement place a greater strain on an overburdened healthcare system. Policymakers and medical leaders are scrambling for innovative ways to […]

The War on Cancer

How logistics expertise, dedicated facilities and an integrated global network are teaming up to fight this killer.

Editor’s Note: The global healthcare system is at a turning point. In the U.S. and elsewhere, changes in policies, disease patterns and rising costs combined with new technologies, diagnostics and therapeutics have brought forth increased demand for transparency, a plethora of new business models and calls for greater efficiency. The goal for society: a slowdown […]