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Reimagining the Future of Making

The world now has bigger problems to solve, which will require more human-machine collaboration and creativity.

Humanity inevitably needs, desires and demands more. At the same time, it must also confront the reality of less – fewer natural resources, less space and fewer skilled construction and manufacturing workers than the world needs. But while resources and skilled labor are in short supply, the global population is increasing (to nearly 10 billion people […]

The IIoT is Where it’s Really At

While consumers may take time to embrace Internet of Things, industry isn't waiting.

Billionaire publisher Malcolm Forbes coined the saying, “He who dies with the most toys wins.” And upon his death, Forbes certainly had a lot of toys. But in 2016, not all consumers agree with that sentiment when it comes to Internet of Things (IoT) devices. Product manufacturers may be banking on consumers trampling over each […]

The Next Revolution: Design-Make-Use

A custom approach to satisfying consumers produces better value while reducing waste.

Before the Industrial Revolution, people’s shoes and clothes were made by hand—to their exact size—by local cobblers and tailors. Although that was something the middle class could afford, it was also exclusionary; the poorest people of the era owned only two or three outfits in their adult lifetimes (which they likely made themselves). With the […]