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Africa Matters: Why the U.S. Should Bolster its Trading Relationships with African Countries

Businesses can help grow African economies, create more job opportunities and export more products to the continent’s markets.

As Vice Chair of the President’s Advisory Council on Doing Business in Africa (PAC-DBIA), I am pleased to be co-leading the private sector contingent of a U.S. Department of Commerce delegation to Africa to learn about and discover new opportunities for U.S. businesses to partner, invest and grow across the continent. Led by the Secretary […]

3 Ways a New Customs Agreement Makes it Easier to Meet Global Demand

The new TFA is changing the way goods cross borders and move around the world.

The newly minted Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA) is a game-changer for the way goods cross borders and move around the world. At UPS, the seamless movement of packages is our lifeblood — so we are excited by this World Trade Organization (WTO) agreement, which ushers in a new global framework of rules that make trade […]

No One Left Behind – Combining Technology and Humanitarian Aid in Rwanda

Laura Lane, who was a Foreign Service Officer during the genocide in Rwanda more than 20 years ago, returns to Kigali as part of the WEF Africa Summit meetings to highlight what good comes from collaboration.

There is so much tangible economic momentum across parts of Africa that has the potential to drive greater economic development and growth, but there are also still so many real challenges ahead that require multi-stakeholder solutions and partnership. The WEF Africa Summit taking place here in Rwanda is bringing together many of these stakeholders to […]

What Does it Mean to Trade in the 21st Century?

Today’s trading environment must adapt to global supply chains and the potential of e-commerce.

When 12 senior representatives announced the highly anticipated conclusion to the Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations in October 2015, U.S. Trade Representative Mike Froman heralded the deal as an agreement tailored for the modern economy. “In addition to liberalizing trade and investment between us, the agreement addresses the challenges our stakeholders face in the 21st century while […]

TED@UPS: Following Your Heart, Not the Rules

My orders were clear, but I followed my heart.

Summary: When do you play by the rules, and when should you write your own to fight for what you believe in? I faced this dilemma early in my career. It was the summer of 1993, I was a 26 year old foreign service officer that had just taken a position at one of the […]