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The Promise of Digital Finance

Mobile phones are the key to global financial inclusion.

An economic development revolution lies literally in the palm of a single hand. As mobile phones and digital technologies rapidly spread around the world, their implications for economic development, and particularly finance, have yet to be fully realized. The sooner that changes, the better for people worldwide. In emerging economies today, two billion people – […]

The Future for Emerging Markets

Rapid changes in the global economic environment shouldn't deter investors from emerging markets.

Over the past year, the global economic environment changed markedly and in unexpected ways. Energy and commodity prices plunged. Growth in China (which accounts for about 40% of global growth) fell to its lowest rate since 1996, even as its stock market soared to unsustainable heights. The United States and the European Union ratcheted up […]

The Business Case for Sustainability

Investing in sustainability can provide tremendous value.

Investors worldwide are increasingly seeking investment opportunities that promise to bring environmental and social benefits, in addition to market rates of return. If this trend continues — with the advancement of environmental or social objectives enhancing an investment’s value — it will strengthen the commitment to sustainability that is already gaining momentum among businesses around […]

Beyond Silicon Valley

How can we bring innovation to other parts of the country?

Once again, California’s Silicon Valley is confirming its status as a mecca of high-tech entrepreneurship and wealth creation. But it is not a model for job creation and inclusive growth that policymakers and entrepreneurs elsewhere can emulate – at least not without making some fundamental adjustments. To be sure, what is happening in Silicon Valley […]