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10 Innovations Changing How the UN Delivers Food

The mission to end global hunger is evolving alongside technology.

As technology adapts and smarter solutions emerge, WFP is testing and deploying bold new tools to carry out its global, lifesaving mission of delivering food to families in need. From growing fresh food without soil to using drone technology to map areas affected by natural disaster, these groundbreaking approaches are transforming how the world’s leading […]

How Cellphones Are Solving Hunger

How WFP is solving hunger one survey at a time.

Do you ever wonder how WFP determines which communities worldwide are suffering from chronic hunger—and how best to help them? The answer is an acroynym: VAM, which stands for “Vulnerability and Mapping.” WFP’s VAM unit utilizes advanced technology like geographic information systems (GIS) and mobile data-collection platforms like tablets and smartphones to help women like Agnes, featured in […]

Fighting Hunger with Business

An entrepreneurial spirit can create momentum for vulnerable communities.

Comfort Kissiwaa is a Ghanaian mother of five, wife, farmer—and now the manager of a community bank and champion of her community—thanks to her participation in The Hunger Project’s local ownership initiatives. With a small loan and women’s empowerment training, Comfort was able to expand her farming business and increase her annual income from $110 […]

Daring Deliveries

Crossing the world's toughest terrain to deliver lifesaving food.

As the world’s largest humanitarian agency fighting hunger, the U.N. World Food Programme (WFP) crosses the planet’s toughest terrain to feed hungry families in need. WFP doesn’t just operate its own fleet of ships, aircraft and trucks to deliver lifesaving food assistance. The agency’s logistics experts will employ whatever means necessary to reach communities struggling to survive […]