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Yargh! Piracy and Intellectual Property in the 3D-Printing Era

Counterfeit handbags and toys were just the beginning. Now hackers want to forge 3D-printed products. Can they be stopped?

Counterfeiting is the world’s second-oldest profession. An estimated $220 million of U.S. currency is counterfeit. By comparison, according to the OECD, about 2.5 percent of goods, or $461 billion, are fake. When it comes to counterfeiting, the usual items come to mind: handbags, clothing, toys, and money. Indeed, the ease of counterfeiting currency with 2D […]

3D-Printed Food: Curious Cuisine or Fleeting Fad?

Technology's latest target: the human palate.

Food and technology have a long and sometimes strained relationship. On one hand, harnessing fire led to human evolution. But other technologies, from frivolous “unitasker” gadgets to overprocessed and nutritionally bereft convenience foods, have offered much less in the way of benefits. Now, a new technology is targeting the palate: 3D-printed food. If the plethora […]