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Before We Reinvent the Economy, We Must Reinvent Ourselves

A sustainable economy won’t mean much if we are still mired in unhappiness and alienation.

The bioeconomy – a sustainable economic system based on clean energy and natural products – aims to eliminate our dependence on finite fossil resources and enable equitable use of renewable biological resources and ecosystems. The bioeconomy will use frugal innovation to reinvent agricultural and industrial systems, so we can produce healthier food, drugs and other products for more people […]

Podcast: The Power of Simplicity

Less cost, fewer resources, more impact. Consumers want frugal solutions. Does business?

Click to play podcast. Every year, millions of babies are born premature around the world. Thousands perish because they lack access to something as basic as an incubator. With the average incubator costing $20,000, this life-saving device is beyond the reach of remote areas in developing countries. That’s the kind of problem TED speaker and author […]

Reaching New Heights With Frugal Innovation

Doing more with less can re-ignite the creative spirit at your company, give your business a competitive edge – and better the world around you.

I grew up in Southern India in a small town in a tiny house next to an urban slum. It was incredibly dry. We all had a keen sensitivity and appreciation of scarce resources. When it was time to shower, we used only one bucket of water. Many of my friends lived in abject poverty. […]

Fighting Global Warming with Frugal Innovation

Businesses can do more with less.

Heads of state from around the world have gathered in Paris with a lofty goal — no less than saving the world. While political leaders seek an international agreement to keep global warming from threatening human existence, business leaders are confronted with their own challenge: how to achieve a sustainable model for growth. The challenge […]