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The Team Approach to Earth Friendly Innovation

We need sustainable solutions to big problems. But no one can do it alone.

For more than four decades, World Environment Day has symbolized the need for global action to protect our planet. At UPS, we are constantly working on ways to operate in a more sustainable manner and help our customers achieve their sustainability goals. World Environment Day is symbolic of our commitment to balance the risks associated […]

TED@UPS: Taking Trash Talk to a Whole New Level

Globally, there is a huge amount of organic waste. What can we do about all that methane?

Summary: Thirty years ago, I was a young engineer, working as a volunteer in Indonesia, trying to prevent the rice stored in warehouses and on loading docks from rotting. The basic challenge was this: rice stored in a pile tends to decompose into fertilizer and methane gas, leaving less rice for people who need it […]

The Changing Character of Urban Growth

How a massive increase in employment is radically transforming cities.

The world economy is picking up speed—Oxford Economics projects solid worldwide growth of 2.8% this year. But the character of tomorrow’s growth isn’t shaping up as in the past; much of it will be concentrated in the world’s cities, especially in Asia. By 2030, 410 million more people will be living in the world’s top […]

The Transportation of the Future

How rail enables economic, social and environmental sustainability.

When the Chinese New Year kicked off across China several weeks ago, millions of Chinese citizens hit the road in what is often described as one of the world’s great annual migrations. The pilgrimage allows families to reunite, and also gives the government a chance to show off its spectacular investments in high-speed bullet trains. […]

The Rise of Consumer Spending

A look at consumer spending across the world's top 750 cities.

Cities are becoming increasingly powerful centers of economic activity. As more young people move to cities – and the demand for sophisticated labor increases – more wealth will be concentrated in these urban areas. These changes are only expected to accelerate over the next decade. In fact, Oxford Economics’ Global Cities 2030 report forecasts that […]