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From Scrapper to Success

Regina Hartley discusses the idea behind her TED@UPS talk in a Q&A with Teri McClure.

On Tuesday Nov. 24, 2015, Regina Hartley’s TED@UPS talk was featured as the Talk of the Day on TED.com. In honor of this, Teri McClure, Chief Legal Officer and Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Employee Communications and Labor Relations, sat down with Regina a few days beforehand to dig a little deeper into what it really […]

TED@UPS: Hiring the Scrapper

What happens when your whole life seems engineered towards failure – and you actually succeed?

Summary: Your company launches a search for an open position. The applications roll in and two qualified candidates are identified. Person A: Ivy League, 4.0 grade average, flawless resume, great recommendations. All the right stuff. Person B:  State university, job-hopped around a bit, and has held a lot of odd jobs, including cashier and singing […]