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A Path Forward for American Infrastructure

Infrastructure is bigger than any one person, company or industry. We all benefit from smart investments in a modern transportation network.

Of all the policy issues in the news these days, infrastructure investment is unique: Everyone agrees that it’s necessary. Leading officials have even agreed on a $2 trillion infrastructure package for roads, bridges, highways, water, the power grid and broadband internet expansion — but the details stop there. Debate remains swirling around where that funding […]

Connecting a Global Economy

Expanding trade creates both challenges and opportunities for our modes and systems of transportation.

The following is adapted from a speech given by Rich McArdle, UPS’s Mid-Atlantic District Manager, at Volpe, The National Transportation Systems Center, in Cambridge, Massachusetts. When we look at the design and condition of this country’s rail systems, interstate highways, national and international air routes and sea ports that are the foundation of our modern […]