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The New Logistics Economy

The “new” logistics economy sometimes overshadows methods that are more traditional. There’s room for both.

It was four decades ago but I remember it like it was yesterday. My first job out of college was as a cost analyst for a manufacturing company, barely putting my economic degree to use by costing out bills of material. Little did I know these costing projects were an audition to become the company’s […]

Beyond Green: Recognizing the Social Supply Chain

Consumers and professional buyers are demanding higher standards. What does it mean for the supply chain?

Buyers who are socially responsible in their personal lives often take those behaviors and attitudes into the workplace, leading to a growing influence of personal values in the commercial marketplace. But they underestimate their power to effect positive social change in the supply chain through their influence of spend and strong supplier relationships. The social […]

Business Intelligence and Data for Decision Makers

For logistics professionals, working without the proper data is like working blindfolded.

Accurate and organized data is a requirement for today’s logistics manager. Business intelligence such as on-time delivery performance, shipment management, payment accuracy, pricing models, customer service and real-time inventory management help to analyze the critical areas of the logistics network. Data allows for well-informed insights that leverage key business drivers, optimizing the logistics process. My […]

Mobile Technologies for Factory Management

How a generational shift is fueling the factory of the future.

Editor’s note: The manufacturing industry as we know it has changed. Gone are the days of rigid supply chains – today’s manufacturers are smart, nimble and customer-focused. This week on Longitudes, we’re taking a look at how technology and people are changing the way we make the world. Factory automation continues to be a driving force […]

Powering the Early-Stage Supply Chain

Small businesses are often passionate about their products. They need to be just as passionate about their role in the global supply chain.

Warning: The power dynamic is shifting as agile, tech-savvy and well-funded small businesses come flooding into the supply chain, often displacing large and aging legacy suppliers. This is an exciting time for small businesses, driven by millennials and Generation Z, who look at entrepreneurship as a less risky proposition than their parents and friends who […]