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Why 3D Printing is the Next Model T

From knee replacements to personalized Coke bottles, 3D printing is driving the customization movement.

In 2013, an Indonesian designer named Arie Kurniawan re-imagined an airplane part and won a GE aviation contest. He wasn’t a trained aerospace engineer, and he didn’t have experience with industrial manufacturing. He simply understood what many of his rivals did not: the power of 3D printing. His design beat out 1,000 entries to become the first […]

Five Trends That Will Shape Our 3D Printed Future

Will living in a 3D-printed future really be that much different than today? Who knows for sure?

Self-repairing pipes. Printed organs. Bulletproof t-shirts. Seriously? In April I was asked to speak at the annual TED conference in Vancouver (following Bill Gates…gulp) on the topic of 3D printing production and its implications. I have detailed my thoughts on why the shift to 3D printing production is not only likely but inevitable in articles […]

7 Ways 3D Printing Is Disrupting Global Manufacturing

Why this innovation renaissance will only accelerate.

3D printing production is still in its infancy, but it is already inevitable. And if you look closely, you will find numerous indications that this historic shift is already well underway. For the last decade, 3D printing has been the playground of the maker community, while commercial applications have been limited to prototyping. But now, […]

3D Printing And The New Economics Of Manufacturing

3D printing production is still in its infancy, but it is already inevitable.

3D printing production is just scratching the surface of the multi-trillion dollar global manufacturing industry. But its dominance is already pre-determined. This is because modern manufacturing, despite numerous technological and process advances over the last century, is still a very inefficient global system. Today’s world of mass production is based on one simple rule: the […]

3D Printing Is About To Change The World Forever

Industrial 3D printing will forever change the world as we know it. Are you ready?

I believe, along with a growing number of leaders around the world, that 3D printing will change the way things are produced more in this century than the industrial revolution did over the last 300 years. Consider these two recent events: A little over a year ago, a young Indonesian man named Arie Kurniawan participated […]