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Wearable Tech: Shaping Logistics and the Smart Warehouse of the Future

Wearables have enormous potential to strengthen supply chains – and sooner than you think.

Imagine a factory or warehouse where employees can work freely, no longer constrained by computer workstations or scanners that can act as chokepoints on a shop floor. With the aid of multiple, hands-free devices, workers would simply follow real-time updates and instructions that appear in their line of sight, allowing them to work smarter and […]

Does Global Trade Need A Global Currency?

A virtual currency like Bitcoin could open up an array of new markets, while speeding the worldwide exchange of goods.

Our world is getting smaller, flatter and more connected every day. The rise of e-commerce has empowered consumers and changed the landscape for buying and selling goods, while transforming the worldwide economy. This omnipresent demand for goods, regardless of the market, will soon get even more intense. However, the current payment, clearing and settlement systems […]