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A Quantum Physics Approach to Successful Technology Leadership

How “spooky action at a distance” is transforming the business landscape.

I studied physics while completing my computer engineering degree, but my interest in quantum physics came from television, not a text book. I loved classic shows like Quantum Leap, and today I turn to science fiction such as Counterpart, Sense8 and Stranger Things for an admittedly non-scientific exploration of the topic. In quantum physics, entanglement […]

Delivering on the Promise of Digital Transformation

How smart, targeted investments in the digital space are forever altering the physical world of tomorrow.

Mobile phones and tablets. Social media and cloud computing. Big data and blockchain. Augmented and virtual reality. The internet and the Internet of Things. These technologies aren’t brand new. But as they have developed and proliferated, their potential to help businesses become more innovative, agile and customer-centered is clear. Companies around the globe are scrambling […]

5 Innovations That Could Save Your Company’s Life

Avoid the "death march" of corporate sameness.

There are few more dangerous places for a radical idea than at a company where group think is allowed to run roughshod over innovation. Let’s face it — a strong company culture can be a difficult environment for a new concept. There’s good reason for that dynamic. In order to maintain itself, a corporate culture […]