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Becoming Visible: Insights for Working Women From the Women of Hidden Figures

These five quotes from the acclaimed film provide valuable insight on leadership and inclusion.

Photo above: Mary Jackson adjusts a control on an instrument. Courtesy, NASA. Hidden Figures is the incredible, previously untold story of Katherine G. Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan and Mary Jackson. These three brilliant “computers” worked for NASA in the early 1960s and were the brains behind the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit. Think about it: […]

TED@UPS: What if Trade Was Used to Fight Terrorism?

When goods cross borders, armies stay home.

Romaine Seguin believes in the power of trade. That’s because she’s seen first-hand how trade can transform impoverished communities around the world. Learn more about this important issue by watching Romaine’s talk from TED@UPS 2016 below, and then check out our most recent conversation with Romaine about her experience as a TED speaker. Q. What […]

The Logistics of Staying Alive

We can’t improve a woman’s standard of living if we can’t improve a woman’s chance of living.

The following is based on remarks made at the Global Summit of Women, a gathering of policymakers, business leaders and entrepreneurs in Sao Paulo focused on improving women’s roles in corporate management and the economy. The only way women are going to advance in the global economy is by having income, which means work. But […]

Exporting the American Dream

A go-to guide on exporting in Latin America

While the concept of coming from humble beginnings and then achieving success has come to constitute the “American Dream,” it’s actually a goal shared by many around the world. It’s a goal for many business owners around the world – from large companies planning to embark into exporting to mom-and-pop shops looking to sell their […]