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Software Update: UPS 111.0 Is Ready to Install

On Founders' Day, let's look at how the world's largest package delivery company is blending core values with modern innovations.

The founders and early leaders of UPS built and promoted a foundation that would adapt and transform based on the needs and wants of our customers. Former UPS CEO George D. Smith (1962-1972) put it this way: We live in a world of change. Each day our environment changes, conditions change, our nation changes, the […]

Learning to Walk

Here are five lessons forward-looking companies can learn from my infant daughter.

As my 1-year-old daughter begins her journey toward mobility, she teaches me something new every day – and not just on the need to block the stairs and pad the fireplace. In the new global e-economy, companies and professionals are scrambling to respond to the infancy of this new order of commerce. From company boardrooms […]