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TED@UPS Video Intro: Amelia Laytham

How a teenage immigrant reclaimed her shunned identity through dance.

My Ted Talk is a combination of a talk and a performance. My talk portion is me sharing my personal journey as a first-generation immigrant coming to this country and rediscovering who I am as an adult as a proud Indonesian immigrant, through my love of performing traditional dances. Watch Amelia talk about her TED@UPS […]

TED@UPS Video Intro: Jan Denecker

What lessons does the developing world hold about building healthcare that is simpler and longer-lasting?

I grew up in Belgium and I now live close to Brussels, Belgium, together with my wonderful wife and two great teenage kids. I am passionate about sports – in particular, football, which some of you may prefer to call soccer. Watch Jan talk about his TED@UPS experience. I’m also passionate about healthcare. I started […]

TED@UPS Video Intro: Katie Francfort

Could mosquitos be the ultimate last-mile delivery system, carrying a vaccine instead of a disease? Katie Francfort argues that this deadly insect could be the next evolution of drones.

I’m on the healthcare strategy team at UPS. I really enjoy fitness, especially barre and kickboxing, which is slightly offset by my love for trying new restaurants. I like being outside and anywhere where there’s live music. Watch Katie talk about her TED@UPS experience. In my talk, I will propose a new way of thinking. […]

TED@UPS Video Intro: Romaine Seguin

Of all the strategies to fight poverty, discrimination and even terrorism, Romaine Seguin argues that international trade is the most impactful.

I love running. I’ve run the Boston Marathon and New York Marathon. Running lets me think personally and professionally. I get my best thoughts when I run. Watch Romaine talk about her TED@UPS experience. And some of the things I think about while I’m out running is how we can make the world a better […]

TED@UPS Video Intro: Mario Paluzzi

How could addressing the unaddressable help developing countries leapfrog developed nations into the most effective logistics system yet?

The best way to describe me is I’m a very curious person. All of my hobbies and passions revolve around this curiosity I have. I’m Curious George – the human. Watch Mario talk about his TED@UPS experience. I love meeting new people, trying new foods, making new friends, seeing new places and anything that can […]