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Fighting Blindness in the Heart of Africa

Here's why better logistics can often solve the greatest healthcare challenges.

Trachoma, a painful bacterial infection, has blinded roughly 6 million people, forcing the afflicted to pursue unimaginable methods for relief. They take sandpaper to their own eyes. Trachoma is also a completely treatable disease that a simple antibiotic can cure. Yet the problem rages on in poor communities throughout the world that lack access to […]

From Scrapper to Success

Regina Hartley discusses the idea behind her TED@UPS talk in a Q&A with Teri McClure.

On Tuesday Nov. 24, 2015, Regina Hartley’s TED@UPS talk was featured as the Talk of the Day on TED.com. In honor of this, Teri McClure, Chief Legal Officer and Senior Vice President of Human Resources, Employee Communications and Labor Relations, sat down with Regina a few days beforehand to dig a little deeper into what it really […]

The Power of Trust

Building loyal customers through a culture of integrity.

There’s not much about the UPS of today that resembles the company started 107 years ago in a basement office in Seattle. Except for trust. In an interview with the Ethisphere Institute, a New York-based organization formed to advance the standards of ethical business practices, Teri McClure, the company’s chief legal, communications and compliance officer, […]