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Student Engineers Have The Right Stuff

Could SpaceX’s Hyperloop pod competitions lead to a breakthrough?

At an unknown point in the future, a trip from San Francisco to Los Angeles could take approximately 30 minutes – an amazing feat of mass transportation – if Elon Musk is right about his Hyperloop concept. That’s compared to the current five-plus hours by car or two hours on an airplane, both hugely optimistic figures not […]

Thinking in 3D Is About So Much More Than the 3D Printer

3D printing is not a new topic these days, but the way that it is ushering in change—by people thinking in 3D—may surprise you.

3D printing appears to be the unstoppable effect, but it is not. The machine itself is not what is creating momentum; the process of how people think is what’s changing, which in turn changes how things are made. This momentum comes from increased access to the tools, from 3D printers to 3D scanners to 3D-design […]