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Just What The Software Ordered

This AI could help Finnish doctors spot cancer.

In 2014, three young men from far-flung parts of the world teamed up in Finland with an audacious plan that could soon help doctors save more lives, not to mention money, and chart a new course for healthcare. Oguzhan Gencoglu, who hails from Turkey, is an AI and machine-learning whiz now working on his Ph.D. […]

5 Coolest Things of the Week

Things to blow your hair back from the frontiers of science and innovation.

This week’s haul of news from the frontiers of science and innovation includes a piece about a nimble AI that shot down a seasoned Air Force pilot during a dog fight simulation, an article about a federal approval for the first human trial involving the DNA-editing tool CRISPR-Cas9 and a story about Israeli researchers who hacked a […]

Cities Are Getting Brighter

Cities need to be smarter in how they manage growth. They can learn from San Diego, which has deployed America’s first intelligent lighting system.

The denizens of the world’s sprawling megacities all face similar daily challenges: traffic, busy sidewalks, packed public transportation, no available parking. “Urbanization is coming at us like a freight train,” says Rick Freeman, global product manager for intelligent devices at GE Lighting. “The same old ways are plain going to fail. We have to get ready.” There’s no time to […]