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3 Tech Trends Shaping the Future of Global Logistics

Advanced logistics technologies will create a faster, cheaper and more sustainable circulation of goods.

While the global logistics business has never taken many cues from Silicon Valley, an array of new technologies is set to significantly alter — and likely disrupt — the $4 trillion sector over the next several years. Smartphone apps and GPS technology have already removed the boundaries between factories and roads. Sophisticated tracking software is […]

3 ‘Aerotropolises’ Powering the Global Economy

As increasingly critical links in the global supply chain, these emerging logistics hubs will continue to influence the global economy for years to come.

Big-city airports aren’t just massive travel hubs today; they’re also evolving into critical nodes of the 24/7 global economy — creating jobs, connecting workers and suppliers, and building infrastructure. Their enlarged role is seeding communities in the way that maritime ports once defined landmark shipping destinations such as Hong Kong, Hamburg and Rotterdam. Welcome to […]