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How to Keep Employees Connected to Customers

Developing an understanding of your customer to build a successful product or business model is not just a data crunching game. Quantitative market research and analytics are important and useful, of course. But when it comes to identifying breakthrough ideas, individual customer experiences can be uniquely powerful. Responsibility for acquiring qualitative customer insights is often […]

Building a Modest Empire in the Middle East

A self-taught designer made swimwear for women to keep cool and covered in the sun. Now her business is taking off.

When Maureen Hall moved from Ottawa, Canada, to Dubai in 2000, she went from bundling up in cold weather to covering up in the scorching sun. She and her family needed to protect their fair skin from powerful UV rays. They also needed modestly designed swimwear in line with the religious and cultural norms of […]

Risk Management for Changing Times

Why you need to address risk like a farmer.

When I was a little girl, I spent several summers farming with my grandparents. They were often worried about the weather and planning ahead to get the most out of their crops. They focused on each and every aspect of what their customers wanted, anything that could affect their ability to deliver what they promised. […]

A Candy Entrepreneur’s Sweetest Marketing Advice

Marketing in the B2B space presents distinct challenges. But these 4 strategies could take your business to the next level.

Torie Burke, CEO of Torie & Howard, founded her business in 2010 (launched in 2012) with her business partner, Howard Slatkin. The company sells USDA-certified organic candies via distributors and retailers, with a small portion of sales going directly to consumers via the company’s e-commerce site. Their ultimate goal? To clean up the candy aisle by […]

We’re All Human After All

We often buy products not for what they do but for what they mean to us. Retailers must turn the customer journey into an emotional journey.

Artificial intelligence, augmented reality, virtual reality, facial recognition, the Internet of Things … the list goes on and on. More than technology alone, this is where the battle for our wallets is playing out. Think same-day delivery, smart fitting rooms, checkout-less stores and payment solutions making the shopping experience easier, more convenient and faster. But […]