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Building Trust in the Small Business Landscape

Don’t overthink it: Trust remains the greatest currency in business today.

Both UPS and The Hartford spend a lot of time thinking about small businesses. From logistics to insurance — and everything in between — the companies recognize that small businesses are transforming global supply chains and starting to resemble their larger counterparts. We brought together two thought leaders to discuss the small business landscape, opportunities […]

The Family that Works Together …

Why keeping business in the family created a small business sensation.

Kim and Ben Bercaw, parents of Da Bomb Bath Fizzers co-founders Caroline and Isabel, didn’t plan to raise teenage business moguls — it just worked out that way. It wasn’t all luck, however. In fact, the Bercaws nurtured their daughters’ entrepreneurial spirit from an early age. The proud parents explain below how a little hobby […]

Finding Your Business Persona in the Face of Rejection

This small business owner bet on herself — and now she’s reaping the benefits.

Financial planner Helen Ngo left a successful career only to have a series of doors slammed in her face as a new small business owner. But she persevered and kept faith in her vision. The result? She built a business her way, refusing to give into the doubts that can sink entrepreneurial journeys before they […]

Unpacking Small Business

In our first episode of Unpacking Small Business, we chat with a "curiously awesome" entrepreneur with an unconventional path to success.

At UPS, we know each company has a story to tell, especially small businesses and startups. And we want to share one of the most interesting stories in small business today. In an era when it’s easy for customers to skip commercials, Jamie Salvatori has built his business by creating ads so entertaining that consumers […]

Climate Resilience Is an Economic Opportunity in Africa

For small businesses, adaptive supply chains can make a major difference in the communities they serve.

Africa is home to a growing number of entrepreneurs who see business opportunities in sustainable agriculture and forestry. This is an opportune time to invest in nature-based ventures, partly because African governments have committed to begin restoring 100 million hectares (247 million acres) of degraded land by 2030 as part of the AFR100 initiative. Restoring land with […]